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August’s Heroes Drop Unboxed

August's Heroes Box had an Ancient England them featuring a fantastically detailed druid warrior from Mierce Miniatures - Hakon the Hale. To display him, we picked a beautiful Mystical Stone Circles base from Tabletop Art and paired that with a huge set of Dark Moss tufts by Gamers Grass. Finally, the paint his eye catching cloak, we picked a trio of paints from Coat d'Arms that would compliment painting a leather effect.

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Inside August’s Heroes Drop

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August Drop Contents:

  • Hakon the Hale, Vagrant Bisceop on Foot by Mierce Miniatures, £13.00
  • 50mm Mystic Stone Circles base by Tabletop Art, £4.00
  • 144x Dark Moss 2mm tufts by Gamers Grass, £3.70
  • Coat d’Arms Dark Flesh 18ml acrylic paint, £2.30
  • Coat d’Arms Horse Tone Chestnut 18ml acrylic paint, £2.30
  • Coat d’Arms Rat Brown 18ml acrylic paint, £2.30

August Mini Tutorial:
Inside every Heroes Box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For August's Heroes Box we featured a tutorial on how to paint a realistic leather cloak.

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The Mystical Druid – Hakon

mierce miniatures druid asset drop heroes

Hakon the Hale, Mierce Miniatures, £12.99

Check out the photo below painted by one of our amazing subscribers, Paul.

august asset drop heroes mierce miniatures

50mm Mystical Stone Circles Base

asset drop heroes tabletop art

Tabletop Art 50mm Stone Circles Base, £4.00

Gamers Grass Moss Tufts

 asset drop heroes box gamers grass

Gamers Grass Moss Tufts, £3.70

Trio of Coat d’Arms Paints

asset drop heroes coat d'arms

Coat d'Arms trio of leather paints, £6.90

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