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April’s Heroes Drop Unboxed

This month was a first for the Heroes Box - it was a VILLAINS TAKEOVER month! Instead of featuring a hero, we included a baddie in the box - Moloch the Demon of Sacrifice in his Angel Form. This stunning miniature was designed by Purgatory Miniatures, who also have the demonic version of Moloch on their website.

To display the large Moloch fallen angel miniature, we picked a 50mm Chaos Base from Alien Lab Creator, complete with bones, skulls and demonic sigil, it was ideal for our villain miniature! To customise the base further, we features a small Sack of Skulls by Toad King Castings.

Finally, to paint the flesh of Moloch the demon, we picked a beautiful set of green-blue paints by Hataka Hobby. The free tutorial in this month's box covered how to paint demon skin.

The Heroes Drop has now become the Villains Drop, which you can learn more about here.

Inside April’s Heroes Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing heroes april

April Drop Contents:

  • 1x Moloch Angel Form by Purgatory miniatures, £15.00
  • 50mm Chaos Base by Alien Lab Creator, £4.30
  • Sack of Skulls by Toad King Castings, £1.50
  • Hataka Hobby, Dark Green-Blue, £2.50
  • Hataka Hobby, Medium Green-Blue, £2.50
  • Hataka Hobby, Light Green-Blue, £2.50

April Mini Tutorial:
Inside every Heroes Box, we always include a detailed painting tutorial designed around the mini that month. For April's Heroes drop we use the attractive green/blues from Hataka Hobby to paint Moloch's demon skin!

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The Fallen Angel – Moloch

moloch angel form purgatory miniatures asset drop heroes
Moloch the Demon in his Angel Form by Purgatory Miniatures

As soon as we saw this miniature, we were blown away by the level of detail and craftsmanship that clearly went into designing him. He's a large miniature, imposing on the tabletop, with the torn banner wings being one of the more unusual and impressive features! We really like that he comes with two alternative head options to give subscribers a level of customisation too.

When we were figuring out what tutorial to do for the Moloch box, it became clear that his muscles were highly defined and would be ideal to use for teaching flesh painting techniques. The torn banner wings were already being painted for the April Discovery Box (see pictures in that unboxing article), leaving the hammer or the flesh as the best tutorial choice. Since we wanted to feature Hataka Hobby paints, and they have an excellent range of green-blue colours (which is the colour of Moloch the demon), we knew that painting his skin was the perfect choice.

Below you can see the fantastic results produced by our resident painter, Marc using those Hataka Hobby paints!

moloch purgatory miniatures asset drop heroes
Moloch's skin painted by Marc for the April Heroes Tutorial

50mm Chaos Base and Sack of Skulls

asset drop heroes alien lab base toad king castings skulls
Alien Labs Chaos 50mm base and mini sack of skulls by Toad King Castings, Full RRP £5.80

Alien Lab Creator produce some fantastic scenic bases, and the Chaos base was an obvious choice for this month's villain takeover! We went with the 50mm version because we didn't want to size of the base to overshadow the miniature. Moloch in his angel form touches the base on a single foot, as if he's just alighted there that moment. Due to this one form of contact, a larger base wasn't necessary. The 500m size also allows the miniature to span outward from the base to dominate the space, being the most impressive part of the diorama.

Despite not wanting to overshadow the miniature with the basing setup, there's always room for some basing bits! We picked a small Sack of Skulls from the excellent Toad King Castings which can be spread around the base, or arranged in a macabre pile to add an even more demonic feeling to the diorama!

A Trio of Hataka Hobby Paints

hataka hobby blue paints asset drop heroes box
A trio of green-blue Hataka Hobby paints, Full RRP £7.50

Hataka Hobby are a fantastic paint manufacturer from Poland with a very diverse range of mimetic paints. The subdued green-blue tone perfectly matched Moloch's demonic skin, so this trio was an easy choice. We also went with the Airbrush-Ready range, which simply means they are slightly pre-thinned. This is great when painting flesh because it allows for easier blends between the shadows and highlights.

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