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Asset Drop a monthly subscription box for miniature painters

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Who is this drop for?

1. Discover

Painters who want to discover lots of amazing brands, including premium & less well known brands.

2. Experiment


Painters who want to experiment with different paints & pigments to find new favourites.

3. Value

Painters who want great value for money from their subscription boxes.

What's in the box?

1. Paints!

Each month we include 6 - 8 carefully chosen miniature paints that work together in sets.

2. Guide

An exclusive 16-page Painting Guide to provide some tips on how to get started with your new paints.

3. Accessories

We will also do our best to include any useful accessories if we think you need them!

What people are saying about the Discovery Drop

Discovery Drop Subscription



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  • April’s Discovery Box
  • 6-8 Handpicked Paints
  • 1 Custom Painting Guide
  • 15% Discount In Store

Want to subscribe to both our monthly boxes?

If you get the Discovery and Heroines boxes together each month for £41.80, you will get 21% off past boxes in our store!

The exact paints will never be duplicated between the 2 boxes.

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Key Info about your subscription

Your subscription will renew on the 7th of the month
Postage and packaging is calculated at the checkout
The box will ship on the 27th of the month and you’ll be notified via email
5% of our box profits go to The Blue Marine Foundation

Examples of previous drops:

November's box
7 miniature paints, 4 brands
5 techniques covered
Unboxing Article
December's box
7 miniature paints, 4 brands, 2 bottles. 3 techniques covered
Unboxing Article
January's box
7 miniature paints, 3 brands brands
4 techniques covered
Unboxing Article

A Few Paint Brands We Feature

darkstar molten metals

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