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September’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

September's Drop was a special one for us as it marked our 12th Drop ever shipped. Asset Drop  was one year old! To celebrate we included some cool stats in the Painting Guide, which you can check out below 🙂 Also inside the September box was a fun little trio from Foundry Paints - Nipple Pink! This colour is perfect for highlighting red up to a pink rather than an orange, which we covered in detail in the guide, and also works really well for painting monster tentacles!

We also focused on some great weathering effects this month, including some pigments and paints from Alclad II and Mig Jimenez. Finally, our new brand for September's box was Colours of War with their distinctive bullet shaped caps.

Asset Drop Discovery 12 Months Old Fun Facts!

In a year's worth of Discovery Boxes, we have:

  • Featured 26 different paint brands, made up of...
  • 82 unique paints
  • 25 pigments/other products
  • Written 51,721 words in our custom monthly Painting Guides
  • Covering 59 different painting tutorials
  • And including 161 pictures all together!

September's box was also excellent value for money, containing £26.80 worth of high quality miniature paints, for just £19.90! That's a saving of 26% on RRP.

Inside September’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing september

September Drop Contents:

  • Foundry Paints, Nipple Pink Shade, £3.50
  • Foundry Paints, Nipple Pink, £3.50
  • Foundry Paints, Nipple Pink Light, £3.50
  • Ammo of Mig Jimenez, Dark Tracks, £2.30
  • Ammo of Mig Jimenez, Gun Metal Pigment, £4.50
  • Alclad II, Warpigs Mud Pigment, £2.75
  • Colours of War, Dark Leather, £2.25
  • Colours of War, Motherland Earth, £2.25
  • Colours of War, Sicily Yellow, £2,25
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A Trio of Foundry Nipple Pink Paints

foundry nipple pink asset drop
A Foundry Paint System Triad, working from the shade to the highlight through one colour - nipple pink!

Highlighting red is always a bit of a challenge. You don't want to turn your reds into an orange by highlighting through oranges, and if you mix white into your red, it will become very pink. All of this can take away from the rich red colour of your original base coat. With this reddy-pink Nipple Pink colour, you can highlight red to a very bright upper highlight without tinting it too far orange or even too far pink due to the red undertones in the Nipple Pink. 

The trio system makes it easy to add the highlights too, moving through the tiered colours. Once I tried out this hilariously named trio, it was a must have for the Discovery Box. We cover how to use it for highlighting red and also for painting monster tentacles in the September Painting Guide.

A Set of Metal Weathering Products

mig jimenez, alclad paint asset drop discovery
These paints and pigments from Mig Jimenez and Alclad II form the ideal metal weathering set

I'm a big fan of pigments and love to share them with my subscribers 🙂 The metallic pigment from Mig Jimenez is one of the coolest ways to use a pigment and gives the appearance of worn and weathered metal with little to no effort. Simply paint a base coat in a dark rust brown (like the Dark Tracks we included), and then rub the metallic pigment over the top to give the appearance of areas of metal worn into a shine amongst the dark, rusted metal. It's so effective - I love it! Add a little mud pigment to the miniature and you have a thoroughly battered piece of metal - ideal for something like tank tracks, armour or weapons. 


An example of this trio products being used to create a highly weathered shield in just 5 minutes!

A Trio of Colours of War Paints

colours of war asset drop box
This trio of brown paints is ideal for painting many different effects, including pottery!

Colours of War paints are created by the Flames of War miniatures game to paint up their tanks and other WW2 miniatures. They usually only come in large sets, but we were able to get hold of a trio for our subscribers to try them out. We went with a very useful brown trio which is ideal for anything from leather to ancient pottery. These paints have a slight transparency to them which makes blending gradients easier, and they come in those very unique bottles too.

September's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Highlighting red effectively using Nipple Pink
  • Painting monster tentacles
  • Weathering up tank tracks
  • Painting a quick & easy old rusted metal effect
  • Painting pottery

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