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September’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

September's Discovery box was a real box of contrasts, featuring a trio of paints for creating eye-catching treasure effects, and a set of products for weathering up your terrain to look old and weather-worn. We were very excited to feature two premium hobby paints from Mission Models from their brand new line of Pearlescent and Iridescent paints, plus a Jade Candy Ink from Green Stuff World, who have been rapidly expanding their line of paints to include Candy Inks. Together these three products were used to paint our beautiful Treasure Horde Tutorial Tile, made exclusively for the Discovery Box to practice painting a treasure effect.

We also featured two very different products from Ammo by Mig Jimenez - a Washable Acrylic Paint and an Oilbrusher. The washable paint was perfect for producing dust effects, and is editable by using a sponge or brush to change the effect once applied. This paired perfectly with the Mud Oilbrusher, which is a brush applicator for a pre-thinned oil paint. Oil paint is a superior product for producing weathering effects, and was great for adding a layer of grime to our Abandoned Tire, alongside the Washable Dust effect. This was our second exclusive Tutorial Tile in September's Discovery Box.

Finally, we included a pack of 5 Sniperbrushes from Ammo by Mig Jimenez for applying the two weathering effect products, a fun set of tools to add to any hobby collection and a lifesaver for producing weathering effects without ruining your kolinsky paintbrushes! If you'd like to see how to use the products in the Discovery Box, you can have access to September's Painting Guide plus many others on our Patreon Channel. Download each month's digital guides (at least 5 new added per month) for only $4!

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Inside September’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing sept

September's Drop Contents:

  • Mission Models, Pearlescent Red, £5.95
  • Mission Models, Iridescent Yellow, £5.95
  • Green Stuff World, Jade Green Candy Ink, £2.84
  • Ammo by Mig Jimenez, Dark Mud Oilbrusher, £2.50
  • Ammo by Mig Jimenez, Washable Dust, £2.30
  • Ammo by Mig Jimenez, Sniperbrush Collection Set, £2.30
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Treasure Horde, £3.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Abandoned Tire, £3.00
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Mission Models Pearlescent & Iridescent Paint

mission models pearlescent and iridescent paint asset drop

Mission Models paints, £11.90

Green Stuff World Candy Ink

green stuff world candy ink

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile
Treasure Horde

asset drop discovery tutorial tile

The picture below is of our Treasure Horde Tutorial Tile painted using the Mission Models and Green Stuff World paints and cleverly finished off using sculpting putty to create a cushion! Our subscriber, Mystical Unicorn Painting, created this and uploaded it onto her Instagram page, which we highly recommend checking out @mystical_unicorn_painting 🙂

asset drop tutorial tile treasure

Ammo by Mig Jimenez Weathering Set

asset drop discovery warcolours shade wash

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile
Abandoned Tire

asset drop tutorial tile abandoned tire
This picture is of our Abandoned Tire Tutorial Tile and was painted by our subscriber Conan, and shared on his Instagram channel (@conan_lucas87)
asset drop discovery painted tutorial tile

September's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting a golden treasure effect using the Mission Models & Candy Ink
  • Painting a weathered tire using oils and washable acrylics

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