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October’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

In October's Discovery Box, we focused our efforts on two natural effects: weathering and marble. To create a realistic marble effect, we included a trio of very high quality acrylic paints from the Italian company, Italeri. They have a great selection of colours to choose from, all in large 30ml bottles, and we were able to pick three tones that created a fantastic marble effect. To test out these paints, subscriber received a Marble Head Tutorial Tile and could follow our step by step guide. Check out some of the results from our subscribers below!

To accompany these, subscribers were able to try out a brand new release from AK Interactive - Weathering Pencils! These are pencils with a grease based paint inside which can be used to add a huge variety of weathering effects to your miniatures. They're a brilliant idea because you get some of the performance of an oil based paint, without having to buy a large tube.

For adding to this weathering effect, we included a two part chipping effect set from Vantage Modelling Solutions. This included a paint, which you apply over the coat you want to chip, and then use the medium to help remove that layer of paint using your brush, leaving only some 'chips' of dark brown. To test out the weathering pencils and chipping effect set, subscribers received our Barricade Tutorial Tile. Ideal for painting and then weathering, and even using as base afterwards.

If you'd like to see how to use the products in this Discovery Box, you can have access to October's Painting Guide plus many others on our Patreon Channel. Download each month's digital guides (at least 5 new added per month) for only $4!

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Inside October’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing oct

October's Drop Contents:

  • Italeri Acrylic Paint, Middle Stone, £2.95
  • Italeri Acrylic Paint, Non Specular Blue Grey, £2.95
  • Italeri Acrylic Paints, Non Specular Interim Blue, £2.95
  • AK Interactive Weathering Pencil, Dust-Rainmarks, £1.00
  • AK Interactive Weathering Pencil, Dark Aluminium, £1.00
  • AK Interactive Weathering Pencil, Chipping Color, £1.00
  • AK Interactive Weathering Pencil, Light Rust, £1.00
  • VMS Chip & Nick Smart Chipping Bundle, Dark Brown, £8.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Marble Head, £3.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tiles, The Barricade, £3.00
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Italeri Acrylic Paints

italeri acrylic paints asset drop

Italeri Acrylic paints, £8.85

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile
Marble Head

asset drop discovery tutorial tile marble head

Check out the pictures below, taken from social media, which show our subscribers completing their Marble Head TT using the paints and tutorial in the Discovery Box!

asset drop tutorial tile marble head asset drop tutorial tile marble head asset drop tutorial tile marble head

From left to right, painted by: Anjuli, Christopher, and Manda

AK Interactive Weathering Pencils

ak interactive weathering pencils

Weathering Pencils, £4.00

VMS Chip & Nick Set

asset drop discovery chip and nick smart chipping vms

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile
The Barricade

asset drop tutorial tile the barricade
This is a top down picture of The Barricade, painted by our painter Marc for the Discovery Guide. It shows the interesting effect you can achieve with the chipping fluid and weathering pencils.
asset drop discovery painted tutorial tile

October's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting a realistic marble effect on the Marble Head TT
  • Using chipping fluid and weathering pencil to age the Barricade TT

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