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November’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

Inside November's Discovery Box we included our most horrifying Tutorial Tile designed so far - a Gore Pile! It was created to showcase a variety of different paint brands, all of which could be used to paint different viscera effects for the battlefield. Our favourite part of the set was a stunning Violet Ink from Liquitex, perfect for bruising and organ effects. We also featured a high quality watercolour pen to apply this with. Two red paints and a gloss from Humbrol formed the rest of the blood effect, with a brown wash from Army Painter to add an old blood aspect to the effect.

After this set of blood reds and purples for such a grim purpose, we thought we'd give subscribers some sunshine with a trio of yellow paints from INSTAR's new Alpha range. For the tutorial, we covered how to paint liquid effects and featured an awesome Alien Vat Tutorial Tile to test them out on!

If you'd like to see how to use the products in this Discovery Box, you can download November's Painting Guide on our Patreon Channel. For just $4, you can download over 21+ detailed guides and counting!

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Inside November’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing nov

November's Drop Contents:

  • Liquitex Pro Acrylic Ink - Muted Violet, £5.50
  • Humbrol Acrylic Paint - Scarlet Matt, £2.00
  • Humbrol Acrylic Paint - Carmine Matt, £2.00
  • Humbrol Acrylic Paint - Gloss Varnish, £2.00
  • The Army Painter - Strong Tone Wash,£2.40
  • Watercolour Tank Brush, Medium, £2.00
  • INSTAR Alpha Line - Pure Oxide Yellow, £1.50
  • INSTAR Alpha Line - Pure Mid Yellow, £1.50
  • INSTAR Alpha Line - Pale Yellow (an Exclusive Asset Drop colour!), £1.50
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Alien Vat, £3.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tiles, Gore Pile, £3.00
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INSTAR Alpha Yellow trio

instar alpha asset drop discovery

INSTAR Alpha trio, plus exclusive paint for Asset Drop, £4.50

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile
Alien Vat

asset drop discovery tutorial tile alien vat

Check out the finished tutorial from our painter, Marc in the image below:

asset drop tutorial tile alien vat

Liquitex Muted Purple Ink

liquitex ink asset drop discovery

Liquitex Ink and Watercolour Pen, £7.50

Humbrol & Army Painter

asset drop discovery humbrol army painter

Humbrol reds & gloss, plus an Army Painter wash, £8.40

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile
Gore Pile

asset drop tutorial tile gore pile
Check out this version of the Tutorial Tile painted and finished by our subscriber, Manda (@mystical_unicorn_painting). Urgh! 😉
asset drop discovery painted tutorial tile

November's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting simple gore effect!
  • How to paint a liquid effect and glass effect on a smooth surface

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