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March’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

March's box was all about COLOUR. Inside this drop, one of our favourite brands from 2018 returned with their second wave of metallic colours: Turbo Dork. Just check out the epic brightness of their hot pink and neon green paints in the picture below!

We also included another bold pair of colours from Ammo by Mig Jimenez, his crystal paints. We went with a stunning red and orange paint, which can be used together to create realistic window and lens effects.

Almost as an opposite to these bright and bold paints, we picked a trio of white colours from Andrea Color. These paints were taken from one of their Paint Sets, which all focus around different shades of the same colour. And to finish off the box, we were very excited to feature the newest release from our friends over at INSTAR Paint - Water+. This excellent paint additive has rapidly become my go-to thinner!

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Inside March’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing march

March Drop Contents:

  • Turbo Dork, Bubblegum Crisis (pink), £4.70
  • Turbo Dork, Malum Malus (green), £4.70
  • Ammo by Mig Jimenez, Red Crystal Color, £2.30
  • Ammo by Mig Jimenez, Orange Crystal Color, £2.30
  • Andrea Color, White 1: Base, £2.70
  • Andrea Color, White 3: 2nd Light, £2.70
  • Andrea Color, White 6: 2nd Shadow, £2.70
  • INSTAR Paint, Water + Thinner, £2.20
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A Paint of Bright Metallics

turbo dork bright lights colourshift paints asset drop
Turbo Dork, Bright Lights metallic and colourshift paints, Total RRP £9.40

I have to admit, Turbo Dork paints are one of my favourite paint ranges out there! There's something about their bright and bold colours, and their clever colour-shifting properties that is just endlessly appealing. The paints in this month's drop both shift to gold, and look markedly different if painted over a white primer vs a black primer. These two paints are a fascinating addition to our subscribers' paint collections.

As well as being inventive, Turbo Dork also make some highest quality paints I've used, and I'm in love with their branding. It may seem like a small thing, but just look at those paint labels with their metallic paint swatches! All in all, I highly recommend buying some Turbo Dork paints if you haven't tried them yet, and we will certainly be featuring them in the Discovery Box again 🙂

Check out the image below by one of our long term subscribers, Miljan, who has used Bubblegum Crisis to great effect on his Genestealer cult army cloak!

turbo dork bubblegum crisis malum malus colourshift paint
Painted by our subscriber Miljan of Switzerland

A Pair of Crystal Paints

crystal paints mig jimenez asset drop discovery
Ammo by Mig Jimenex Crystal Colors, Red and Orange, Full RRP £4.60

Continuing the theme of bright colours, we picked these crystal paints from Ammo which work perfectly together to create some cool effects.  I’m a big fan of ‘effect paints’ i.e. products designed to recreate a specific effect. In this case, the Crystal Colors are designed to recreate lenses and do an outstanding job. If you have any lenses or glass windows to paint, these are exactly what you need. I also love to experiment with other uses of the my paints. In regards to the crystal paints - I've actually found they work well for all these following effects too: Gemstones, Animal scales and Magical effects (esp on transparent resin)!

A Trio of The Perfect White Paints

andrea colour white paint set asset drop
Andrea Color, trio from their White Paint Set, Full RRP £8.10

Andrea Color are a huge modelling company from Spain, which have recently created a new range of Paint Sets. These packs are absolutely fantastic, featuring shades, mid-tones and highlights, all perfect for painting a specific colour e.g. white, red, yellow, gold, green, blue, and so on!

Personally, I find these sets to work exceptionally well as a quick and easy way to paint different colours, and would recommend checking them out if you like the concept. In March's Discovery box, we picked three paints from their White Set for our subscribers to experiment with. It's possible to mix the other colours in the set from the three we featured in the box, but the benefit of the set is you can avoid the all that extra mixing!

To see how good they are in action, check out the miniature below. This is the heroine from March's Heroines Box and her dress has been painted by our resident painter using the Andrea Color paints.

Andrea Color white trio used to paint Bernadette's dress - Micro Art Studio Wolsung miniature.
Painting done by our resident painter, Marc Shucksmith-Wesley

Water + by INSTAR Paint

water plus instar asset drop discovery
Water+ Paint Thinner by INSTAR Paint

Water+ is absolutely excellent and now my go-to paint thinner for several reasons: it has a low viscosity meaning it helps your paints to flow. It is perfectly transparent (as oppose to opaque like some thinners/ flow improvers) which makes predicting the end result of your painting much easier. With Water+, INSTAR have managed to engineer a formula which provides pigment binding properties. What I mean by this is that your paint will no longer separate as readily on the palette! This is an issue which can arise with other thinners, especially water. And finally, it's great value for money, which is always a bonus 🙂

March's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • How to paint a white dress step by step
  • Tips on painting brilliant whites
  • Using the Turbo Dork colourshifts
  • How to use under-shading techniques to produce a cool effect
  • Painting windows and lenses

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