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March’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

For our March box, we focused on colour gradients and blending, featuring a range of bright colours. In the box, subscribers found three premium paints from Com Art, a purple, pink and white that work together perfectly for painting crystals. We even included a mini tutorial on making your own crystals from old sprues. 

We also included in the box a brand new Chameleon Colorshift paint by Green Stuff World, and boy were we impressed with this product! You can check out the rest of the box contents in the article below.

March's box was also excellent value for money, containing over £26 worth of high quality miniature paints, for just £19.90! That's a saving of 25% on RRP.

Inside March’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing march

March's Discovery Drop contents:

  • Com Art Colours Opaque Violet, £4.20
  • Com Art Colours Bright Rose, £4.20
  • Com Art Colours Opaque White, £4.20
  • Chameleon Colorshift Paint, Red Goblin, £4.15
  • Revell Aquacolor, Black Gloss, £2.00
  • Reaper Master Series Paint, Bright Turquoise, £3.30
  • Reaper Master Series Paint, Surf Aqua, £3.30
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A Trio of Com Art Colours

com art colours asset drop
Com Art Colors: Opaque Violet, Bright Rose, Opaque White, RRP £12.80

Com Art Colours are a really interesting set of paints to work with. They are very thin with a high degree of flow, and are highly pigmented, which means they can work well for a number of different functions. You can thin then a little and apply them like a wash, or thin them a lot and glaze with them. Their rich, bright colours make them the ideal paint for glazing.

In March's guide we go through the exact technique I use for glazing paint to build up a smooth transition of colours, and our example is for painting crystals. However, the same technique can be used for any gradient of colour between the violet and bright rose.

If you want to learn more about glazing, you can buy March's Discovery Drop on our store here. Become a subscriber and you'll get 15-21% off the price!

A Colorshift Metallic and it’s Black Gloss base

green stuff world chameleon colorshift paint and revell gloss black
Green Stuff World's Red Goblin Colorshift Metallic
and Revell Aqua Color's Black Gloss, RRP £6.15

Green Stuff World have really brought some exciting paints to the wargaming table with their range of Chameleon Colorshift paints! They are available in 10 different versions and are metallics that change colour depending on how the light hits them. We chose to feature Red Goblin because it has the most pronounced shift effect from a pinky-red to green.

In order to get the best result, you need to paint the colorshift paints onto a black gloss base. You an use plain black too, but you'll get a more impressive colorshift effect with the gloss, so we included a gloss from Revell. In our Painting Guide we go through tips on how to paint with the colorshift paint, and show the different effects you can create depending on how you use it.

A Pair of Reaper MSP Paints
and an Asset Dropper

reaper master series paints
Reaper Master Series Paints: Bright Turquoise and Surf Aqua,
and an Asset Dropper Bottle, RRP £7.30

Finally in March's box, we featured two paints from my go-to brand of acrylics, Reaper MSP. I love Reaper paints because they have an excellent range of colours so you'll never be lacking the exact shade you want, and they operate on a triad system for different effects. This makes them very easy to use. They are also high quality paints and work exactly how you expect them to. 

We feature a pair of turquoises which are an ideal shade for painting ghosts (if you don't want to use Nihilakh Oxide from GW!). The paint pair compliment each other perfectly to create smooth colour transitions, and in the Painting Guide we use them alongside the Com Art White to paint up some Spirit Hosts. In order to create the blends of colour this time, we focus on dry brushing (rather than glazing as before). 

Finally, we also included on of our Asset Dropper Bottles made from premium PET plastic, and including 2 glass agitators for improved mixing. The tip is a precision tip to allow better control with your paints, and the awesome green cap is child-safe. They are perfect for mixing your own colours. 

If you're interested in March's Discovery Drop, remember you can buy it on our store here, and if you become a subscriber and you'll get 15-21% off the price! You can also buy our Asset Dropper bottles to transfer your paints into. 

March’s Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper guide:

  • Make Crystals from old sprues
  • Painting crystals and getting smooth gradients through glazing
  • How to use a ColorShift paint
  • Painting Ghost effects through dry brushing

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