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June’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

This unboxing article is all about the contents of June's Discovery box, which featured four different brands of miniature paint to add to your collection. Plus we like to include unusual and different products in our boxes, which is why we chose to feature a trio of amazing weathering acrylics from Secret Weapon, and a Liquid Pigment from LifeColor. Together, these four paints created a set that is ideal for painting engines and machinery.

Accompanying this set of paints was another trio from the fantastic ScaleColor range and a gloss varnish from WarColours. Together these four paints are the perfect colours for producing ice effects!

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June's box was also excellent value for money, containing £28.60 worth of high quality miniature paints, for just £19.90! That's a saving of 30% on RRP. You can buy June's box on our store.

Inside June’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing june

June Drop Contents:

  • Secret Weapon Weathering Acrylic, Old Oil, £4.85
  • Secret Weapon Weathering Acrylic, Fresh Oil, £4.85
  • Secret Weapon Weathering Acrylic, Engine Metal, £4.85
  • LifeColor Liquid Pigment, Blue Burned Exhaust, £3.60
  • ScaleColor Cantabric Blue, £2.85
  • ScaleColor Sky Blue, £2.85
  • ScaleColor Caribbean Blue, £2.85
  • WarColours, Gloss Varnish, £1.90
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A Set of Engine Effect Paints

secret weapon acrylic paints, lifecolor liquid pigment, asset drop
Secret Weapon Old Oil, Secret Weapon Fresh Oil, Secret Weapon Engine Metal and LifeColor Blue Burned Exhaust - full RRP £18.14

We really like Secret Weapon products here at Asset Drop, and have featured this fantastic company in both the November and February drops, if you want to collect more of their paints. Our choices for this
month’s box come from their revolutionary Weathering Acrylics line, which are acrylic paints that have a different composition based on the effect they are designed for.

These three paints differ completely in colour, viscosity and dry with different levels of opacity. They are by far some of my favourite paints for producing weathered machinery, and I always find myself reaching for them when I have something mechanical to paint that also suits a weathered look.

LifeColor is an Italian paint producer that has a whole range of products dedicated to weathering models. One of those ranges is their Liquid Pigments line, which are basically pigment suspensions designed for weathering. We chose Blue-Burned Exhaust because it’s really interesting, as it dries a bright blue colour with translucency to mimic a heated metal effect. This works amazingly to simulate a weathered exhaust when paired with the products from Secret Weapon, and a black paint from your own collection. Together they create a great ‘engine metals’ set that subscribers to June's box got to play with!

A Set of Ice Effect Paints

ScaleColor model paints, warcolours gloss varnish, asset drop discovery
ScaleColor Cantabric Blue, ScaleColor Sky Blue, ScaleColor Caribbean Blue and WarColours Gloss Varnish - full RRP £10.45

To enable you to produce an excellent ice effect we’ve chosen to include ScaleColor. This Spanish paint manufacturer (Scale 75) have managed to produce a paint that is highly pigmented and colour rich. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these paints too, as they need plenty of thinning out of the bottle, so they’ll last ages! They also thin well and go onto the miniature very smoothly, keeping their impressive colour.

We wanted to feature the blues because they’re perfect for recreating ice. The Caribbean Blue is the ideal upper colour for a more translucent ice look, and our chosen trio creates a perfect colour transition from the darker base of Cantabric Blue to the upper highlights. Of course, these colours are highly versatile and can be used for other effects too, like water or even blue glowing weapons, accompanied by a white from your own collection.

WarColours is a fairly new brand of paint manufactured in Cyprus. They produce a wide range of paints with a unique gel-base and bright pigmentation. They also produce a range of technical paints, including varnishes. I’ve found their gloss to be very long lasting, and to brighten the colours it covers, making it the ideal gloss for ice effects to really bring the final appearance to life!

June's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting realistic engine metal
  • Weathering your engine with oil
  • Using Engine Metal to lighten other metallics
  • Using the Blue Burned exhaust
  • Painting ice effects: crystals in details, and ice blades & ice bergs as quick fire examples

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