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June’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

June's box was an exciting edition because it marked the launch of our own custom resin product - Tutorial Tiles! In collaboration with Serious Play, we now make TWO custom resin tiles for every Discovery Box which are used to test out your new paints and follow the tutorials step by step in our Painting Guide.

The first Tutorial Tile was a Moss Wall, which was used in conjunction with the LifeColor trio. We included two moss effect products and a moss fixer to add realistic texture to your dioramas!

The second Tutorial Tile was a Soul Fire, which subscribers could use their Premium Jo Sonja paints on to create a bright and vibrant magical effect. Jo S0nja paints are highly pigmented and therefore perfect for miniature painting, because they go on smooth and thin down easily, so you can blend smooth gradients.

Finally, we had a bonus paint in this box from Green Stuff World - their incredible True Blood effect paint! This blood effect is very lifelike and perfect for adding a splash of colour and gore to your wargames.

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Inside June’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing june

June's Drop Contents:

  • LifeColor Powders, Sprout Green, £2.95
  • LifeColor Powders, Fall Season, £2.95
  • LifeColor Fixer Fluid, Dirty Green, £2.95
  • Jo Sonja Acrylic Artist Paints, Pine Green, £2.50
  • Jo Sonja Acrylic Artist Paints, Green Light, £2.50
  • Jo Sonja Acrylic Artist Paints, Yellow Green, £2.50
  • Green Stuff World, True Blood, £2.85
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tiles, Moss Wall, £3.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tiles, Soul Fire, £3.00

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LifeColor Moss Effect Pigments

lifecolor moss pigments asset drop

Moss Wall Tutorial Tile

asset drop discovery moss wall tutorial tile

Our Moss Wall Tutorial Tile is perfect for practising moss weathering techniques because of all the interesting gaps and layers where you can add moss. Check out the images below from our subscribers, who have turned their custom TTs into amazing mini dioramas!

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile Moss Wall

Created by @mystical_unicorn_painting

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile Moss Wall

Created by @cecilie_paints_minis

Jo Sonja Artist Paints

asset drop discovery jo sonja paints

Soul Fire Tutorial Tile

asset drop discovery soul fire tutorial tile

Our Soul Fire Tutorial Tile can be used for practising fire effects using the bright green Jo Sonja paints, and following our step by step tutorial. The paints work really well for blending gradients of colour due to it's thick pigmentation and high quality medium.

Green Stuff World True Blood Effect

asset drop discovery green stuff world true blood

June's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting a soul fire magic effect
  • Creating realistic moss effects
  • Using True Blood for 4 different blood effects

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