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July’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

Let's check out the contents of July's Discovery Box, which featured a brand new paint manufacturer and a very cool accessory. Firstly, subscribers received a fantastic Blonde Hair trio from Reaper MSP, ideal for painting both light and dark blonde hair effects. This was paired with a Coat d'Arms flesh ink wash, which is actually the perfect shade for blonde shadows. 

The other main feature of the box was a beautiful set of fire paints from Mr Paint, an excellent paint company from Slovakia, Europe. MRP started by specialising in enamels, but recently added a new line of paints especially for figures. Alongside this colourful trio, we included a Soot Pigment from Kromlech and a Yellow Ink Wash from Coat d'Arms to enhance that firey effect.

Finally, as a bonus item, we featured the brand new Tank Brushes from WarColours, which you can fill with wash (such as the ink washes in this box) and use to quickly and easily add shadow effects to your minis!

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July's box was also excellent value for money, featuring £25.85 worth of miniature paints for just £19.90, which represents a 23% saving on RRP! You can buy July's box on our store.

Inside July’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing july

July Drop Contents:

  • Reaper MSP Core Colours Blonde Shadow, £3.00
  • Reaper MSP Core Colours Blonde Hair, £3.00
  • Reaper MSP Core Colours Blonde Highlight, £3.00
  • Coat d'Arms Flesh Ink Wash, £2.30
  • Mr Paint, Deep Red, £2.50
  • Mr Paint, Fire Orange, £2.50
  • Mr Paint, Deep Yellow, £2.50
  • WarColours, Refillable Tank Brush, £1.90
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A Set of Blonde Hair Paints

reaper blonde hair trio asset drop
Reaper MSP Core Colours Blonde Hair, Reaper MSP Core Colours Blonde Shadow, and Reaper MSP Core Colours Blonde Highlight. Full RRP £9.00

Reaper have featured a few times in the Discovery drop because they’re so awesome! Here at Asset Drop, we love their range of paints for two reasons - the sheer choice of colours is amazing ( they have a good selection of fantasy colours so they always have what you need), and the second reason is that their paints come in trios.

Personally, we’ve found that pretty much all of their trios work really well to produce the desired effect. It's great to be able to grab a trio of paint to execute a specific technique without having to test if all the colours work together. The Blonde Hair trio is very flexible depending on how you use it, and in July's Painting Guide, we went through how to paint dark blonde and light blonde hair effects, as well as a detail tutorial on painting hair effectively.

A Set of Fire Effect Paints

mr paint fire effect paints, kromlech soot pigment, asset drop discovery
MR Paint Deep Red, Fire Orange and Deep Yellow, paired with Kromlech's Soot Black pigment, full RRP £10.35

The Asset Drop Discovery box is all about trying out new paints and techniques, so we were really excited to feature Mr Paint in July's box. The MRP Figure paints are very high quality paints with rich colours that blend well, making fire the ideal choice for technique.

The MRP paint bottles are also really great in terms of usability, and are fairly unique in the market. In fact, it’s great to see manufacturers trying out different things. There are flaws with the dreaded paint pot, and flaws with droppers too (some of mine regularly block), but we found the Mr Paint style of cap is less likely to clog, prevents spills and has easy application too.

We combined the fire paints from Mr Paint with a fantastic pigment from Kromlech. The soot colour is ideal for adding to the tips of fire to give an even more realistic look, and also works great on terrain or machinery you want to have a dirty/ grimy look. Kromlech pigment is also fantastic quality, adhering well to surfaces and providing a strong colour change (some poor quality pigments will barely tint surfaces).

A Pair of Ink Washes

coat d'arms in wash yellow flesh asset drop
Coat d'Arms Yellow Ink Wash and Coat d'Arms Flesh Ink Wash. Full RRP £4.60

Coat d'Arms paints are not new to our Asset Drop boxes; we’ve featured them a couple of times now because we really love their great value paints. For July's box though, we wanted to take a look at two of their ink washes, which work differently to an acrylic wash.

We chose to include the Yellow because it’s the ideal ink for getting those vibrant yellows, and adds a really cool effect to Fire, which was a painting technique we covered in the Painting Guide. The Flesh Ink was then included for two reasons, it’s the ideal wash for blonde hair which is the second painting technique we covered for July, and is an unusual flesh wash colour to add to your collection (most washes are red tinged).

A Refillable Tank Brush Accessory

warcolours refillable tank brush round, asset drop discovery
WarColours Refillable Tank Brush Medium Round Size.

How awesome is this new design from WarColours?! Tank brushes are a novel idea that we knew straight away we had to feature in our Discovery box.

Tank brushes are actually very useful for a variety of miniature painting tasks- applying pin washes to your minis, glazing transitions smoothly (as long as your paint is thinned to a wash consistency), applying an ink wash to tint your base colour, and creating smooth transitions by blending colours. The brush is simple to use too - screw open to expose the tank reservoir, and use a pipette (one was provided for free in July's box for subscribers) to fill it with wash, then fasten together. Tip it up to allow the ink to flow into the brush end and then use to paint onto your miniature -easy! It's also easy to clean afterwards and refill with a different colour next time.

Basically, the Tank Brush is a cross between a paint brush and a fibre tip pen, where you fill the ink reservoir with whatever you want.

July's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting blonde hair: dark and light
  • Painting a fire effect on fire miniatures
  • Using a yellow ink wash to boost vibrancy
  • How to work with soot pigments (incl. applying to the fire effect)
  • How to use the WarColours tank brush

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