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July’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

July's box was a very exciting edition of our Discovery Box as it had a metallic theme. Our first trio was from Reaper Miniatures to complete a Non-Metallic Metal Gold effect. We've had many requests over the years to cover NMMs, and with the launch of our Tutorial Tiles last month, we figured now was the perfect time! We paired the trio with an Asset Drop Shield that could be used to learn the effect.

Our second trio was from a brand new manufacturer to the Discovery Box - Molotow in Germany. This box is all about discovering new brands and hobby products, and so we wanted to showcase the extraordinary metallic pens from Molotow. They can be used for anything from painting clothing to painting miniatures, and they are particularly amazing for base coating.

We included a metallic black and silver from their premium One4All range, as well as their famous Liquid Chrome pen which is the best quality real liquid metal on the market! It's excellent for highlighting metallics, so we were very excited to feature it. We paired the Molotow paints with a Giant's Sword Tutorial Tile, and a Flesh Wash from INSTAR to add a tarnished effect to it.

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Inside July’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing july

July's Drop Contents:

  • Reaper Core Colours, NMM Gold Shadow, £2.85
  • Reaper Core Colours, NMM Gold, £2.85
  • Reaper Core Colours, NMM Gold Highlight, £2.85
  • Molotow One4All Metallic Pen, Carbon Black, £3.50
  • Molotow One4All Metallic Pen, Silver, £2.50
  • Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker, £5.50
  • INSTAR, Flesh Wash, £1.50
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Golden Shield, £3.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Giant's Sword, £3.00
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Reaper Miniatures Core Colours

reaper miniatures nmm gold asset drop

Golden Shield Tutorial Tile

asset drop discovery golden shield tutorial tile

Our Golden Shield Tutorial Tile was designed to learn how to paint NMM Gold using the Reaaper trio. Subscribers could follow a 5 page, step by step tutorial covering how to paint this effect in detail. Check out the photo below showing the final effect from that tutorial.

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile Golden Shield

Painted by our resident painter Marc Shucksmith-Wesley

Molotow Metallic Pens

asset drop discovery molotow

Giant’s Sword Tutorial Tile

asset drop discovery giants sword tutorial tile

Our Giant's Sword Tutorial Tile can be used to try out the incredible Molotow metallic pens, and also makes a fun diorama tile afterwards. Check out the images below shared on Social media by our subscribers showing what they did with their Giant's Sword TT.

asset drop giants sword tutorial tile

Painted by our subscriber @madmullahhastur - Instagram

asset drop discovery tutorial tile july

Painted by our subscriber @comfyhats - Twitter

INSTAR Flesh Wash

asset drop discovery instar flesh wash

July's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting a NMM Gold effect
  • Using the Molotow metallic pens
  • Using the Flesh Wash to taint the metallic look

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