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July’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

July's Discovery Box tackled a technique that many miniature painters want to learn, but can struggle with - Object Source Lighting or OSL. This is the glow effect caused by a light source on nearby objects and it can do wonders to enhance a miniature or a diorama. For our OSL technique, we wanted to do something a little different and so we focused on neon light! We used a beautiful trio of bright pink paints from WarColours and practiced on our fantastic Neon Lights Tutorial Tile, designed by Micro Art Studio.

For the second tutorial of the month, we looked at a fun method for making realistic mould or algae effects on your diorama. The secret to this is using a textured paint to build up the algae patch and then  feathering out the effect with weathering washes. This is simple and effective, and used the Coat d'Arms products in the box on our fantastic Sunken Treasure Tutorial Tile. This tile makes a great piece of terrain once complete.

Finally, we also included a bottle of Contrast Medium from WarColours to turn your paints into contrast paint. This is a unique auxiliary product that we just had to feature! To download the Painting Guide from July's Discovery Box and learn how to do OSL, you can head to our our Patreon Channel.

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Inside July’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop discovery box july

July's Drop Contents:

  1. WarColours Layer Paints, Pink 1, £2.10
  2. WarColours Layer Paints, Pink 3, £2.10
  3. WarColours Layer Paints, Pink 5, £2.10
  4. WarColours Technical Paint, Contrast Medium, £2.00
  5. Coat d'Arms Weathering Wash, Mold Green 1, £3.00
  6. Coat d'Arms Weathering Wash, Mold Green 3, £3.00
  7. Coat d'Arms Textured Paint, Mouldy Green, £4.00
  8. Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Neon Lights, £3.00
  9. Asset Drop Tutorial Tiles, Sunken Treasure, £3.00

July Tutorials:

The Discovery Box is designed as a way to teach you how to paint miniatures by practicing different painting techniques on our Tutorial Tiles. This month we looked at how to paint an OSL effect and how to paint a realistic mould/algae effect.

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      Completed Tutorial Tiles

      Below are the two practice tiles included in July's drop completed for the Discovery Painting Guide by our resident miniature artist, Marc.
      july tutorial tile asset drop
      The Neon Lights Tutorial Tile
      july tutorial tile asset drop
      The Sunken Treasure Tutorial Tile

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