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January’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

January's Discovery Box was bright and colourshift, featuring a beautiful set off violet paints from WarColours. We picked three tones from their Layers range, which are all different levels of transparency to allow easy layering of colours.

For the next paint trio, we featured a stunning base, mid-tone and highlight from Turbo Dork and their colourshift range. This trio is named Chill Out and is unique because it contains three colour shifting paints that are designed to be layered together for shadowing and highlighting. It works like a dream!

To showcase these two trios, we firstly have our Under the Sea Tutorial Tile, which has a great smooth surface on the jellyfish for layering together the different WarColours paints. Then we have our fantastic Alien Marker to produce the colour-shifting, alien-like metallic with the Turbo Dork trio.

As the final paint in the box, we have an additive from INSTAR called Matte+ which will turn a glossy paint matte. It creates an interesting effect when mixed with the metallics paints, including the colourshift, and is an ideal addition to people's collection.

January's Painting Guide, featuring the above tutorials, can now be downloaded on our Patreon Channel.

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Inside January’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing january

January's Drop Contents:

  • WarColours, Violet 1, £2.00
  • WarColours, Violet 4, £2.00
  • WarColours, Violet 5, £2.00
  • Turbo Dork, Wave Length colour-shift paint, £4.75
  • Turbo Dork, Ice to Never colour-shift paint, £4.75
  • Turbo Dork, Crystal Cavern colour-shift paint, £4.75
  • INSTAR Matte+, £1.50
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile - Alien Marker, £3.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tiles - Under the Sea, £3.00
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      WarColours Violet trio

      warcolours asset drop discovery

      WarColours layer paints, Violet 1, 4 & 5, £6.00

      Asset Drop Tutorial Tile
      Under the Sea

      asset drop discovery tutorial tile sea ocean

      TurboDork “Chill Out” Trio

      turbodork colourshift asset drop discovery

      TurboDork Chill Out trio of colourshift paints, £14.25

      Asset Drop Tutorial Tile
      Alien Marker

      asset drop discovery tutorial tile
      Check out the pictures below, which are completed Alien Markers posted on social media by our amazing subscribers!
      Painted by @mystical_unicorn_painting
      Painted by @madmullahhastur
      Painted by @cecilie_paints_minis

      INSTAR Paints

      asset drop discovery matte+

      January's Painting Guide

      Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

      • Painting a jelly fish using the warcolours layer paints
      • Using colourshift paints to create a alien metal effect

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