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January’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

We started 2019 off with an epic Discovery Box! Starting with the brand new Mecha line from Vallejo, we picked a rust trio of effect paints. The two washes in this trio are very unique, drying textured instead of smooth to perfectly mimic rust. Paired with a textured rust paint, you have an unbeatable weathering set!

Next we included three paints from the beautiful Fantasy & Games range, bursting with bright colours and pigmented paints. We chose a set of yellows as the nature of these Scale75 paints makes them ideal for painting this challenging colour. In the Painting Guide, we use the yellow trio to paint feathers.

Finally, we had two very unusual products for subscribers to try out that work together of independently. Firstly, we have the Pearlescent additive from Com Art which you can use to make your own metallic paints, or thin existing metals. Then we also included a Sapphire colour from the high quality and renowned metallic pigment line- Pearl Ex. Popular across different art hobbies, they are also great to use for miniature painting too. We go through ways to use the unique pigment in our exclusive Discovery Painting Guide.

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Inside January’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing january

January Drop Contents:

  • Vallejo Mecha Colours, Rust Texture, £2.50
  • Vallejo Mecha Colours, Dark Rust Wash, £2.50
  • Vallejo Mecha Colours, Light Rust Wash, £2.50
  • Scale75 Fantasy & Games, Peanut Butter, £2.65
  • Scale75 Fantasy & Games, Marduk Yellow, £2.65
  • Scale75 Fantasy & Games, Hykey Yellow, £2.65
  • Com Art Pearlescent Additive, £4.20
  • Pearl Ex Sapphire Blue Metallic Pigment, £3.50
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A Trio of Rust Effect Paints

vallejo mecha colour rust textured paint light dark wash asset drop
Vallejo Mecha Colors: Rust Texture, Light Rust Wash and Dark Rust Wash, Full RRP £7.50

Vallejo are a mainstay of the miniature painting hobby, and have been a family owned business since 1965! They were founded in New Jersey, USA before moving to Spain 4 years later. They started their journey manufacturing Film Color for painting cartoon animations, and then by 1972 Amadeo Vallejo had developed their line of Acrylic Artist Color for the fine arts. In 1986, Vallejo formulated the first acrylic colors for airbrushing, and then the following year, they began work on their Model Color line for hobby painters.

After starting in a garage of 30 square meters, Vallejo now operates out of 3 industrial buildings composed of raw material storage, manufacturing and stock holding. Their paints are exported to 45 countries worldwide, and the company today is still family-run, with Alex Vallejo at the helm!

Their newest line of paints for miniature painters are Mecha Colors. When deciding what to feature in the Discovery Box, I’m always looking for paints that are interesting and worth adding to our subscriber's shelves. This rust trio, in my opinion, creates some really stand-out effects and are definitely worth checking out!

vallejo mecha colour rust paints asset drop january
The Vallejo Mecha Colors rust trio from January's Box used to weather a metal bunker.

A Trio of Yellow Paints

scale75 fantasy and games yellow asset drop discovery
Fantasy & Games line from Scale75: Peanut Butter, Marduk Yellow and Hykey Yellow, Full RRP £7.95

Scale75 manufacture some of my absolute favourite paints. They are highly pigmented, thick out of the bottle (making them good value for money) and have a truly excellent range of colours to choose from!
We featured their ScaleColor and Inktensity lines in the Discovery Box before, so for January's Box we decided to showcase their Fantasy and Games range.

These paints have rich, bright colours and are designed with fantasy painters in mind. We picked a fun, yellow trio to add to our subscriber's collection because painting yellow is always a challenge, but if any paint line can give  bright, strong results, it’s Scale75! Our resident painter Marc Shucksmith-Wesley used this trio to paint feathery wings, producing an absolutely excellent effect for the Discovery Painting Guide.

An Unusual Pearlescent Additive

pearlescent additive com art asset drop
A Pearlescent Additive by Com Art, RRP £4.20

Com Art manufacture high quality paints for the artist scene, but their bright colours has made them popular with miniature painters too. The paints are great for airbrushing or brush painting, and come in large bottles.

After featuring a trio of their acrylic colours back in March 2017, we wanted to showcase one of their more unusual offerings. Being creative and exploring different ways to paint is a great way to expand one's skills and so we picked their Pearlescent additive. This can be used for many things including making your own metallics, thinning metallics and even weathering metals!

An Exceptional Metallic Pigment

pearl ex sapphire blue metallic pigment, asset drop discovery
Sapphire Blue pigment from Pearl Ex by Jacquard, RRP £3.50

Jacquard Products are another family owned company with a long history. They manufacture their products in California, USA and have been serving the art and hobby community for over 35 years.

Pearl Ex pigments are their line of high quality, non-fading metallic pigments, and the versatility of this product is endless. You can mix the pigment into: acrylic paints, oils, printing inks, alcohol inks, epoxy, glues, casting resins, clay, varnishes, gum arabic (for calligraphy) & more!

As I’ve expanded my journey into paints and pigments, I’ve found that it can be fantastic to have products like this in your collection. They’re fun to experiment with, help to keep you creative, and you never know when they’re going to come in handy! In the Discovery Painting Guide we outline some ways to use this unusual pigment.

January's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting a rust effect on metal using the Mecha Color rust trio
  • How to paint yellow feathers
  • Tips for using the Pearlescent Additive
  • Tips for using the Pearl Ex pigment

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