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February’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

February's drop is a special one because it features my all time favourite metallic paint brand - Darkstar! They have an epic range of metal colours to choose from with excellent coverage.

We paired Darkstar's bronze base & highlight with two Secret Weapon washes and a pigment to create some amazing Weathered Bronze. Secret Weapon are another favourite brand of mine, producing washes that are second to none!

Finally, we also include some great camouflage colours from the Polish paint brand Hataka. This company are one of the friendliest I've worked with and were very excited to feature in the box. Definitely check out their website if you like war planes, tanks and other vehicles, all sold in handy sets!

February's box was also excellent value for money, containing almost £27 worth of high quality miniature paints, for just £19.90! That's a saving of 26% on RRP.

Inside February’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing february

February Drop Contents:

  • Darkstar Molten Metals Blackened Bronze, £3.50
  • Darkstar Molten Metals Bronze, £3.50
  • Secret Weapon Sewer Water Wash, £3.70
  • Secret Weapon Green-Black Wash, £3.70
  • Secret Weapon Faded Blue Pigment, £5.00
  • Hataka Hobby Medium Green, £2.20
  • Hataka Hobby Camouflage Green, £2.20
  • Hataka Hobby Greyish Sand, £2.20
  • High Quality Art Sponge, £0.40
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A Pair of Darkstar Molten Metals

darkstar molten metals blackened bronze
Darkstar Metals: Blackened Bronze and Bronze, an ideal base and highlight, £7.00 RRP

Darkstar have an amazing range of metallics, with a greater diversity of colours than any other range of paints I've used. They are a high quality paint with a high level of metallic pigment, meaning they really do have the feeling of being a 'molten metal' as their name suggests.

In the Painting Guide we go through how to paint with Darkstar metals to create aged bronze, and then how to add weathering to give your bronze that grungy look. My top tip for this paint is not to thin with water! You need to thin with an acrylic thinner for amazing results.

You can buy February's Discovery Drop on our store here, if you want to give these metals a try. Become a subscriber and you'll get 15-21% off the price!

A Set of Secret Weapon Products

secret weapon wash sewer water green-black faded blue weathering pigment
2 Secret Weapon washes: Sewer Water and Green-Black,
and 1 Secret Weapon pigment: Faded Blue, RRP £12.40

I love Secret Weapon washes! They are excellent quality and come in an extensive range of different colours. I always fins that good washes are hard to come by, and when you do find them, you usually only have around 10 colours to choose from. I find this isn't really enough to perfectly match all the different colour schemes I want to paint. Enter Secret Weapon with a range of 30 different washes!! Heaven.

In the Painting Guide we go through how to work with Secret Weapon washes, and use them on both the Aged Bronze effect and the Camouflage technique discussed in the guide. We also use the Faded Blue pigment for it's intended purpose of weathering bronze. It will come as no surprise to you that Secret Weapon pigments are fantastic quality. They adhere well and have rich colours, perfect for adding those finishing touches to your weathered model.

A Trio of Camouflage Colours from Hataka Hobby

hataka hobby brush optimised paints camouflage
Hataka Hobby colours: Medium Green, Camouflage Green and Greyish Sand, RRP £6.80

Hataka Hobby produce a great range of precision matched mimetic colours from many periods of war time. After speaking to the owners, I found out they actually travelled around the world to get samples of paint from old war vehicles to perfectly match the colour!

They have colours in three different lines: one optimised for brush, one for airbrush and the other is enamel-based. In February's drop we featured thier Blue Lin paints, optimised for brush painting and chose colours to create a camouflaged pattern. In the Painting Guide we go though how to paint a soldier weathering digital camouflage and how to paint a vehicle in woodland camouflage using the handy sponge we provided!

If you're interested in February's Discovery Drop, remember you can buy it on our store here, and if you become a subscriber and you'll get 15-21% off the price!

February’s Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper guide:

  • Painting Aged Bronze
  • Weathering Bronze with Pigments
  • Painting Digital Camouflage
  • Painting Woodland Camouflage

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