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February’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

February's Discovery Box features a whole host of fun paints to try out and tutorials to follow in our exclusive Painting Guide! Starting with a zombie flesh trio from MR.PAINT, a paint brand from Slovakia in Europe. They have a large selection of paints dedicated to miniature painting, and we picked three colours perfect for painting zombies.

You'll also find a True Metal paint from AK Interactive - this unusual metallic gives a highly realistic effect through the act of polishing the metal once you've painted it! We also included a brand new paint manufacturer in the Discovery Box - Ultimate Modelling Products. This UK brand has a fantastic range of their own hobby items, including their series of Ultimate Washes. We chose the Light Dirt Wash for February's box.

Finally, we featured a trio of paints from Revell Aqua Color, an often over-looked brand associated with scale modelling. Their paints are highly affordable and very good quality, having lots of colour options. We went with a dark grey trio, perfect for painting blacks and included a tutorial in the Painting Guide on painting a black armour effect.

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Inside February’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing february

February Drop Contents:

  • MR.PAINT, Purple Shadow, £2.50
  • MR.PAINT, Swamp Green, £2.50
  • MR.PAINT, Undead Skin, £2.50
  • Ultimate Modelling Products, Light Dirt Weathering Wash, £5.99
  • AK Interactive True Metal, Steel, £5.20
  • Revell Aqua Paint, Tar Black, £2.40
  • Revell Aqua Paint, Gunship Grey, £2.40
  • Revell Aqua Paint, Light Grey, £2.40
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A Trio of Zombie Flesh Paints

mr paint slovakia zombie flesh paints asset drop
MR.PAINT Aqua Color, Purple Shadow, Undead Skin, Swamp Green, Full RRP. £7.50

MR.PAINT are a popular modelling company from Slovakia with a wide range of both military and fantasy paints on offer. We chose to feature three of their fantasy paints, which are ideal for painting traditional zombie flesh! The Purple Shadow works as the bruising beneath the damaged skin, and the two greens are great for a rotting flesh look. The paints are also really great quality and come in fantastic dropper bottles; what’s not to love? Check out the zombie below painted by one of our subscribers using this trio!

zombie flesh effect zealot miniatures asset drop february
Painted by Anjuli from the UK
Undead Minotaur from Zealot Miniatures

A True Metallic From AK Interactive

true metal steel ak interactive asset drop discovery
AK Interactive True Metal - Steel

AK Interactive was established in 2009, and although they are newer to the scene than some of the older scale model companies (like Revell), they have risen to dominance among modern scale modellers, producing highly realistic diorama products and paints, whilst continuing to innovate.

A big aim of AK Interactive, much like Asset Drop, is education. Sharing their knowledge and passion for the hobby with more people through their publications, which we highly recommend. Although the books are focused on scale models rather than wargaming, there are many applicable techniques. Many of their products also work wonderfully for fantasy and sci-fi miniatures too, especially their incredible True Metal range, which create some of the most beautiful metallics I’ve ever seen!

An Ultimate Weathering Wash

ultimate modelling products weathering wash light dirt asset drop
Light Dirt Ultimate Weathering Wash by UMP

UMP produce some fantastic products, with their series of Weathering Washes being one of the best. I’m a big fan of washes that can be used to weather miniatures because it makes the application so much easier and quicker. This product is especially great because you can add an extra dimension to the appearance of the effect by wiping it away, leaving the wash only in the cracks & crevices.

The washes come in 8 different colours, and we chose Light Dirt because it’s an excellent colour that works in many different circumstances, from vehicles to terrain to a miniature’s armour, cloak, shield, etc! Ultimate Modelling Products is a UK-based company established in 2013 for the modern scale modeller, and as well as their washes & sanders, they also have their very own airbrush brand - APEX Airbrushes!

A Trio from Revell Aqua Color

revell aqua color, asset drop discovery
Revell Aqua Color, Tar Black, Gunship Grey, Light Grey, Full RRP. £7.20

Revell are a long established company in the hobby, starting over 60 years ago and producing some of the first plastic model kits in the industry. They are one of the market leaders of scale modelling in Germany, and popular all over the world. In 1995, they surpassed their goal of selling over 5 million scale model kits and have only continued to grow in success since then! Their most popular model kit is the Titanic, selling over 2 million copies worldwide to date. As well as plastic models, Revell also produce a large range of paints and modelling tools (I personally love their glue and tape!)

revell aqua colour dark armour effect zombie skin asset drop
By Marc, an Asset Drop painter
Blood Bowl Zombie painted using the Revell Aqua Color paints and MR.PAINT trio.

February's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting a zombie flesh effect using the MR.PAINT trio
  • Painting battle-worn black armour using the Revell trio
  • How to use the Light Dirt dust wash
  • How to use the AK Interactive True Metal paint

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