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December’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

December's edition of the Discovery Drop featured an exciting new brand from Germany- Handcraft Tabletop. This small company creates high quality and original washes in larger bottles designed for use on terrain and dioramas. They are fantastic quality and well worth your time checking out. We featured a whopping two giant bottles of wash in this box!

Accompanying this new brand were two products we hadn't featured in the Discovery Drop for over a year - brushes! Everyone has a pair of high quality painting brushes, but very few people have a set of brilliant special effects brushes. Mig Jimenez have a truly excellent range of affordable, synthetic brushes designed for weathering your miniatures, because trust me, you don't want to be using your expensive Kolinsky brush with a pigment!

Finally, we had two sets of different acrylic paints. Our friends over at Darkstar made a comeback in this box with two stunning metallics from their Molten Metals range, perfect for painting aged metal (and using with the Handcraft Tabletop washes). We also showcased a wonderful trio of dark blue paints from Hataka Hobby's airbrush line. High quality colours ideal for brush painting too, we highly recommend Hataka paints!

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Inside December’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing december

December's Drop Contents:

  • Handcraft Tabletop, Algenmoos Terrain Wash, £3.50
  • Handcraft Tabletop, Dunkelshatten Terrain Wash, £3.50
  • Mig Jimenez, Saw Brush, £2.00
  • Mig Jimenez, Liner Brush, £1.15
  • Hataka Hobby Red Line, Dark Sea Blue, £2.30
  • Hataka Hobby Red Line, Sea Blue, £2.30
  • Hataka Hobby, Gris Bleu Clair, £2.30
  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Victorian Gold, £3.50
  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Silver Verde, £3.50
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A Pair of Terrain Washes

handcraft tabletop terrain wash asset drop box
Handcraft Tabletop Terrain Washes: Algenmoos and Dunkelshatten, Full RRP £7.00

Handcraft Tabletop are a new hobby company from Germany that have recently launched a line of Terrain Washes! These washes are designed to add shadows & different effects to a range of different terrain types, and even come in larger 30ml bottles to make sure you don’t run out when washing your diorama. However, they also work really well on miniatures too, so our subscribers will definitely get a lot of use out of them.

The two colours we picked for the Discovery Box are Green Moss, which is ideal for washing wood to create a weathered, rotting look, and Brown-Grey, the perfect wash to give something an aged look, from golden metallics to wooden ships!

A Pair of Weathering Effect Brushes

mig jimenez brushes panel liner saw brush asset drop discovery
A synthetic panel liner brush and a synthetic saw brush for weathering, Full RRP £3.15

Mig Jimenez is one of our favourite companies for producing weathering and effects products. They have an amazing range to choose from covering pigments, acrylic paints, diorama effects and more. They also have a huge range of synthetic paint brushes designed for many different uses and are very affordably priced.

Of course, I swear by my Winsor & Newton kolinsky sable brushes and use them for painting all my miniatures. I believe high quality brushes can really level up your painting skills. However, there are many tasks where your best brushes are not suitable, and that’s where synthetic brushes come in! You can use them for tasks like weathering without worrying about damaging the delicate hairs. You can also get them in all sorts of different shapes designed to help you produce different effects. For December's Discovery Box, we picked an excellent panel liner (great for pin washing) and a saw brush (ideal for streaking effects).

Two Darkstar Molten Metal Paints

darkstar molten metals victorian gold silver verde asset drop box
Darkstar Molten Metals, Victorian Gold and Silver Verde, Full RRP £7.00

We've featured Darkstar Molten Metals a couple of times before in the Discovery Box, and this month chose to showcase a stunning and unusual pair. Victorian Gold is one of my favourite colours, tinged green and exuding age. It’s great for any aged metal, and pairs perfectly with the highlight, Silver Verde.

They work beautifully with the Handcraft Tabletop washes to create wonderful aged effects. Check out the picture below of a weathered ship! The Discovery Painting Guide featured a detailed step by step tutorial on both weathering the wood, and painting the gold effect.

shipwreck asset drop december discovery box
Shipwreck miniature from Reaper. Wood weathered using the Terrain Washes and metal trim painted with Darkstar metallics.

A Trio of Hataka Indigo Paints

hataka hobby red line airbrush paints asset drop box
Hataka Hobby Red Line Paints - a trio to paint a dark blue cloth effect. Full RRP £6.60

This month we featured some a new line from Hataka Hobby - their Red Line of airbrush-ready paints. A big misconception in miniature painting is that you can’t use airbrush paints for brush painting, which is definitely not true! In my opinion, they are ideal for brush painting as they’re pre-thinned. In fact, if you really struggle to thin your paints correctly, using airbrush paints can be a great solution.

The colours we chose to feature for December's Drop were a set of indigo blues, and our resident painter Marc Shucksmith-Wesley painted the tutorial for this trio using the beautiful ninja heroine miniature from December's Heroines Drop in a box cross-over!

December's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • How to weather wood using the Terrain Washes
  • Tips on using the Mig Jimenez bushes
  • Painting aged Victorian metal with the Darkstar paints
  • How to paint dark blue fabric using the Hataka blues

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