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August’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

It's time to check out the contents of August's Discovery Box, which featured many returning favourites with some awesome new products! Let's start with the magnificent Darkstar Molten Metals and their copper trio. Adding the brand new Aged Copper paint to the existing copper pair, Darkstar created the ultimate metallic trio which we featured in August's box. This paired nicely with the Heavy Brown wash from INSTAR paint, which is part of their new range of washes. 

We also featured the INSTAR Heavy Black wash, which we used in combination with the Hataka Hobby grey paints to produce a fantastic grey cloth effect. This was a tutorial covered in our famous Painting Guide 🙂

Finally, we also included an epic set of products from Serious Play Scenics including the launch of their flagship water effect! This amazing product was partnered with Green Moss Flock and Mixed Cork, which when used with the other products in this month's box, create a wonderful landscape effect!

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August's box was also excellent value for money, featuring £26.52 worth of miniature paints for just £19.90, which represents a 25% saving on RRP! You can buy August's box on our store.

Inside August’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing august

August Drop Contents:

  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Aged Copper, £3.50
  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Copper, £3.50
  • Darkstar Molten Metals, Polished Copper, £3.50
  • INSTAR Heavy Brown Wash, £1.49
  • INSTAR Heavy Black Wash, £1.49
  • Hataka Hobby, Ocean Grey, £2.30
  • Hataka Hobby, Gris Bleu Fonce, £2.30
  • Serious Play Well Water Effect, £5.00
  • Serious Play Dark Moss Flock, £1.55
  • Serious Play Mixed Cork, £1.49
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A Trio of Copper Metallics

darkstar molten metals copper asset drop
Darkstar Molten Metals Aged Copper, Copper and Polished Copper, Full RRP £10.50

Darkstar's metallic paints are absolutely stunning! They come in fantastic chunky bottles that never spill, with precision nibs and an agitator too. The colours themselves are very premium, creating beautiful rich metallics on your miniature.

The copper trio is excellent as it can be used together, each metal alone, or as pairs too e.g. copper highlighted with polished copper. The Painting Guide for August goes through three different ways to use the metallics in the box.

A pair of INSTAR washes

mr paint fire effect paints, kromlech soot pigment, asset drop discovery
INSTAR Paint Heavy Brown and Heavy Black wash, full RRP £3.00

These washes are from a new range created by INSTAR paint, which are designed to be versatile and easy to use. There is a 'soft' version of each of these colours, and his range of washes are expanding all the time. We look forward to seeing what other colours are brought out, as washes are an essential part of painting.

A Set of Basing Materials by Serious Play

serious play water scenery effect asset drop serious play moss flock cork basing asset drop
Serious Play Well Water Effects, Mixed Cork and Dark Moss Flock, full RRP £8.04

It's no secret that here at Asset Drop, we love Serious Play Scenics! They produce an epic range of products for basing miniatures and are constantly innovating. In the month of August, they released their newest invention, the Well Water Effect. It's a fantastic product complete with instructions and a pair of protective gloves included for free!

Their dark moss flock and mixed cork pack can be used in conjunction with the Hatake grey paints and INSTAR washes to create an awesome landscape. The full tutorial on how to use these products was included in the Asset Drop Guide for August!

A Pair of Hataka Grey Paints

hataka hobby grey paints, asset drop discovery
Hataka Hobby Ocean Grey and Gris Bleu Fonce, full RRP £4.60

Hataka Hobby are a great brand, producing realistic military colours from across history. Their paints are very high quality, complete with an agitator and great coverage. We chose these two greys as they're close together in colour, providing a great duo for painting and highlighting grey cloth. If you paint any military minis, I'd recommend checking out their website 🙂

August's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting alternative golden treasure
  • Painting corroded copper effects
  • Painting graduated copper armour panels
  • Using the INSTAR washes
  • Painting quick and easy grey fabric
  • How to use the Well Water effect
  • Working with the Serious Play basing materials to create a landscape

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