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August’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

August's Discovery Box featured a variety of items! We included three paints from AK Interactive's new line of 3rd Generation acrylics: a beautiful bronze metallic paint, a Sepia Ink wash to use with it, and their Crackle Medium. This set of paints worked across the two Tutorial Tiles included in the box. The bronze and ink paired with two fluorescent pigments by Green Stuff World to paint our Alien Tech Tutorial Tiles.

The pigments were an exciting feature because of their incredibly bright colours. Even when not under fluorescent light, they practically glowed making them ideal to paint a simple glow effect. We used them to paint alien energy alongside the bronze on our Alien Tech Tile. Then the Crackle Medium was used with our two Army Painter acrylics on the Ancient Ruins Tutorial Tile. The two paints together created a beautiful sandstone effect, which could be washed in the shadows with the Sepia Ink, and the crackle medium produced a dry, cracked ground effect around sandstone pillars.

To download the Painting Guide from August's Discovery Box, you can head to our our Patreon Channel.

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Inside August’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop discovery box august

August's Drop Contents:

  1. AK Interactive - 3rd Gen Acrylics, Bronze Metallic, £2.65
  2. AK Interactive - 3rd Gen Acrylics, Sepia Ink, £2.65
  3. AK Interactive - 3rd Gen Acrylics, Crackle Medium, £2.65
  4. Green Stuff World Fluor Pigments, Yellow, £3.60
  5. Green Stuff World Fluor Pigments, Green Lime, £3.60
  6. The Army Painter Warpaints, Troll Claws, £2.20
  7. The Army Painter Warpaints, Arid Earth, £2.20
  8. Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Alien Tech, £3.00
  9. Asset Drop Tutorial Tiles, Ancient Ruins, £3.00

August Tutorials:

The Discovery Box is designed as a way to teach you how to paint miniatures by practicing different painting techniques on our Tutorial Tiles. This month we looked at how to paint a glow effect with fluorescent pigments, how to paint a bronze metallics effect, and how to paint sandstone.

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      Completed Tutorial Tiles

      Below are the two practice tiles included in August's drop completed for the Discovery Painting Guide by our resident miniature artist, Marc.
      august tutorial tile asset drop
      The Alien Tech Tutorial Tile
      august tutorial tile asset drop
      The Ancient Ruins Tutorial Tile

      We weren't able to paint the crackle effect on this tile because the product was lost
      in the post on the way to our painter, Marc, after we finished testing it out!

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