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August’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

August's Discovery Box was packed full of some exciting products from all over the world! We were very excited to feature Creature Casters new line of paints - Pro-Acryl - where we picked a beautiful blue trio to work with. We paired that trio of paints with a really cool Sci-Fi Helmet Tutorial Tile to paint a space marine style armour.

Also in the box was a pair of wood coloured paints from Coat d'Arms. This is a UK brand that creates really high quality paints at a great price, and used to manufacture Games Workshop paint. These paints were paired with an awesome Wooden Diorama Tutorial Tile to allow subscribers to try painting different types of wood.

Finally, August's Box also included two Shade Washes from WarColours, a unique brand of gel-based paints manufactured in Cyprus! We picked a Blue Shade to go with the Pro-Acryl and a Brown Shade to go with the Coat d'Arms paints.

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Inside August’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing august

August's Drop Contents:

  • Creature Caster, Pro-Acryl, Faded Ultramarine, £2.95
  • Creature Caster, Pro-Acryl, Blue, £2.95
  • Creature Caster, Dark Grey Blue, £2.95
  • Coat d'Arms, Wood Brown, £2.30
  • Coat d'Arms, Unbleached Wool, £2.30
  • WarColours, Marine Shade Wash, £2.00
  • WarColours, Brown Shade Wash, £2.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Sci-Fi Helmet, £3.00
  • Asset Drop Tutorial Tile, Wooden Diorama, £3.00
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Creature Caster Pro-Acryl

creature caster pro-acryl asset drop

Sci-Fi Helmet Tutorial Tile

asset drop discovery sci-fi helmet tutorial tile

Our SciFi Helmet Tutorial Tile was designed to learn how to paint a blue armour effect; something you could then use on a Space Marine. Subscribers could follow a 5 page, step by step tutorial covering how to paint this effect in detail. Check out the photo below showing the final effect from that tutorial, painted by Miniatures Den live on Twitch!

Asset Drop Tutorial Tile Sci-Fi Helmet

Painted by Miniatures Den live on Twitch on the 20th September 2019

Coat d’Arms Browns

asset drop discovery coat d'arms

Wooden Diroama Tutorial Tile

asset drop discovery wooden diorama tutorial tile

Our Wooden Diroama Tutorial Tile can be used to try out both the Coat d'Arms and WarColours paints, and also makes a fun diorama tile afterwards. Check out the image below shared on Social Media by our amazing subscriber Manda over on @mysticalunicornpainting!

asset drop wood tutorial tile

Painted by our subscriber @mysticalunicornpainting - Instagram

WarColours Shade Washes

asset drop discovery warcolours shade wash

August's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting a blue armour effect on the Sci-Fi Helmet TT
  • Painting a natural wood effect on the Wooden Diorama TT

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