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April’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

April's Discovery Box was defined by new products, making it an exciting month for our subscribers! Starting with Kimera Kolors, who recently launched a new line of high performance colours. We featured three of their 'pure pigment' artist acrylics designed to be used together to create interesting effects.

But the new products didn't stop there, we were lucky enough to include three Metal Colors from Green Stuff World's new range, launched only the month before! These metallics are absolutely fantastic and a joy to paint with.

Finally, we had another new brand in the Discovery Box for subscribers to 'discover' (the first being Kimera) - Vantage Modelling Solutions. This Polish company have an exceptional line of pigments and scale modelling products that I just can't wait to delve further into in the Discovery Box over time!

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Inside April’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing april

April's Drop Contents:

  • Kimera Kolors, Pure Pigment Red Oxide, £4.00
  • Kimera Kolors, Pure Pigment Orange, £4.00
  • Kimera Kolors, Pure Pigment White £4.00
  • Green Stuff World, Metal Color Neptunus Blue, £2.70
  • Green Stuff World, Metal Color Sharkfin Blue, £2.70
  • Green Stuff World, Metal Color Mystic White, £2.70
  • Vantage Modelling Solutions Spot-On Pigment, European Earth, £4.50
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A Trio of Kimera Kolors Pure Pigments

kimera kolors pure pigments asset drop
Kimera Kolor Pure Pigment Acrylic Paints, Fulls RRP £12.00

Kimera Kolor are an exceptional miniature manufacturer that have researched, developed and launched a new line of ‘pure pigment’ acrylic paints. These paints contain only one pigment, unlike most acrylics which contain a combination to produce their different colours. This makes Kimera Kolors ideal for mixing and
means you can create a whole range of colour tones using their colour range along with their black or white.You can mix white paint with another colour to get your highlight tones, and black with your primary colour to get the shade tones, giving you a complete trio for painting. You can also add their pigments, like orange, to your own orange paints to intensify their saturation.

In April's drop we picked the beautiful orange colour, a red oxide to pair with it, and a white for creating highlights. The creators of Kimera Kolors are particularly proud of their white paint and we were keen to show it off to our subscribers.

Check out the incredible job our resident painter, Marc, did with the three Kimera paints on this worn banner!

purgatory miniatures moloch kimera kolors
Moloch's Angel Form from Purgatory Miniatures, painted using the Kimera Kolors trio by our painter, Marc Shucksmith-Wesley

A Set of Metal Color Paints

green stuff world metal color asset drop discovery
Three paints from Green Stuff World that produce an epic blue metallic effect, Full RRP £8.10

Green Stuff World are one of my favourite hobby brands at the moment. They are constantly innovating and releasing exciting new products as shown by their latest creation; a beautiful collection of Metal Color paints!

Israel, the founder of GSW,  explained the idea behind this range of metallic paints is to produce metals which are not ‘glittery’ in their appearance, and are instead more realistic. They dry with a natural, flat finish and have solid, vibrant colours. Plus, their white metallic is unique in the hobby world - it’s a pure white, using a new type of octagonal micro pigment which reflects the white metallic precisely, giving you a fantastic white metal

Just check out the effect our painter, Marc, was able to achieve using the Green Stuff World trio. They are now  some of his favourite metallic paints to use!

green stuff world metallics

These beautiful metallic scales were painted by Marc Shucksmith-Wesley on Hori Mizu from the <br>Dragon Empire range by Titan Forge Miniatures!

A Spot-On Earth Pigment

vantage modelling solutions pigment asset drop box

European Earth Spot-On Pigment by the experts at VMS

VMS are a modelling company from Poland specialising in diorama and technical products ideal for adding weathering effects to your miniatures. Their range of Spot-On Pigments are unique because they are made from a mix of different pigment colours, designed to accurately recreate specific earth tones from around the world. VMS take realism to a whole new level when it comes to pigment weathering! Since I started using their pigments, they are a staple on my hobby shelf and I highly recommend them.

April's Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper painting guide:

  • Painting fish scales using the metal trio
  • Painting worn and ages flags and banners
  • Technical interview with the designer of Kimera Kolors paints
  • How to use your VMS pigment to get the most out of it

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