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April’s Discovery Drop Unboxed

April's Discovery drop contained a set of fantastic basing materials alongside some paints to paint vegetation, giving the box a basing theme. Basing can really bring a miniature to life, and you can definitely never have too many basing materials! Our chosen brand for basing was Serious Play, a UK company creating high quality handmade products. We paired them with some Army Painter paints to create arid bases.

Our vegetation colours came from Ammo of Mig Jimenez paints, who produce a range of excellent weathering and basing materials. The other set of paints we featured in April's massive box (it contained 10 items!) was a trio of African Flesh paints from Foundry.  

April's box was also excellent value for money, containing over £26 worth of high quality miniature paints and products, for just £19.90! That's a saving of 25% on RRP.

Inside April’s Discovery Drop

Asset Drop monthly subscription for miniature painters unboxing april

April Drop Contents:

  • Foundry Paint, African Flesh Shade, £3.50
  • Foundry Paint, African Flesh, £3.50
  • Foundry Paint, African Flesh High, £3.50
  • Ammo of Mig Jimenez, Deep Green, £2.30
  • Ammo of Mig Jimenez, Lime Green, £2.30
  • Serious Play Scenics, Baked Canyon Landscape Texture, £2.50
  • Serious Play Scenics, Baked Canyon Tufts Mixed Pack, £2.49
  • Army Painter Wet Mud Effect Paint, £2.00
  • Army Painter Green Tone Ink Wash, £2.00
  • Army Painter Strong Tone Ink Wash, £2.30
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A Trio of Foundry African Flesh Paints

foundry african flesh paints asset drop discovery
Foundry Paint System African Flesh Shade, Mid-tone and Highlight, RRP £10.50

Foundry are a UK based company manufacturing model paints and they specialise in flesh triads. They have a wide range of triads that are expertly created to match a wide range of skin tones from around the world to bring more diversity to your armies.

In April's Painting Guide we go through how to paint with the African Flesh triad, including the exact ratios for thinning your paints to achieve smooth blends. We picked this triad specifically because it is one of my favourites, producing an incredibly rich and realistic dark skin tone. Foundry have done this by including the right amount of purple & red in with the browns to really bring the skin to life. It's almost impossible to recreate this with regular brown paints and a violet wash, like I see many other people do.

We paired the African Flesh triad with the Army Painter Strong Tone as it is the ideal wash for using on African Flesh due to it's slight purple undertone.

If you want to expand your range of flesh colours, and follow a detailed tutorial on exactly how to paint with them, you can buy April's Discovery Drop on our store here. Become a subscriber and you'll get 15-21% off the price!

A Selection of Basing Materials and Paints

arid basing materials serious play baked canyon army painter
Serious Play: Baked Canyon Landscape Texture, £2.50, Baked Canyon Tufts, £2.49, Army Painter: Wet Mud Effect and Strong Tone Ink, RRP £9.30

In April's box we featured Serious Play's Landscape Texture. You can get these textures in much larger bags if you're basing your whole army, and we chose the Baked Canyon colour. The great thing about the landscape textures is you only need one bag to complete your base because it is many different sizes of material, and included cork bits and stone, and foliage appropriate for the landscape you chose. All your basing materials in one handy bag! We also include a selection of their tufts suitable for the Baked Canyon landscape to add something extra to the base.

We paired the Baked Canyon basing materials with Army Painter's Wet Mud effect paint as it is the ideal colour to add Baked Canyon too, as it is also orange-y. The Army Painter Strong Tone wash can be used here too to darken the Wet Mud and add shadow.

A Pair of Ammo of Mig Jimenez Green Paints
And An Army Painter Green Wash

ammo of mig jimenez green acrylic army painter ink wash
Ammo of Mig Jimenez: Deep Green and Lime Green, and Army Painter: Green Tone Ink Wash, RRP £6.60

These paints are ideal for painting with as they are thin enough, and yet pigmented enough, to paint with straight from the bottle! It's rare that I don't thin my paints, but the Ammo, you really don't have to, making them ideal acrylics for beginners. We chose to feature their green paints because they produce a range of fantastic greens for anyone painting foliage, or indeed green clothing. Plus, it worked perfectly in April's box for out 'basing' theme. In the Painting Guide, we go through how to paint small leaves, and highly detailed leaves.

The Army Painter washes are an interesting range to work with, producing subtle effects when thinned and very strong effects when painted out of the bottle due to their thickness. The Green Tone is a great colour that works really well for shading green colours.

If you're interested in April's Discovery Drop, remember you can buy it on our store here, and if you become a subscriber and you'll get 15-21% off the price!

April Painting Guide

Subjects covered in the 16-side, full colour, glossy paper guide:

  • Painting African Flesh
  • How to thin your paints correctly
  • How to Use the Baked Canyon for basing
  • Painting leaves: small leaves and detailed leaves tutorial

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