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A monthly box for painters who want to level up their painting skills
Asset Drop a monthly subscription box for miniature painters



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What is the Discovery Box?

Core Supplies: Discovery is a box designed to level up your painting skills every month! If you're stuck in a rut with painting, and want to try out new paints and techniques, this box is for you!

What's Inside a Drop?

- Every monthly box contains 6-7 miniature paints, washes, pigments, oils and accessories from 30+ different brands so far.

- You'll also receive 2x exclusive resin Tutorial Tiles! These miniatures are designed to be used with the paints inside the box to get started with them straight away.

- Follow the detailed tutorials in our monthly Painting Guide, using the paints in your box, and practising on your collectable Tutorial Tiles. The perfect kit for levelling up your painting skills!

- Sign up to the Discovery Box now, and the current drop will ship within 3 days! Your subscription will renew on the 1st of every month, boxes start shipping from the 2nd of the month, and you can cancel any time. Easy!

2x exclusive resin Tutorial Tiles to practice new painting techniques on!

6-7 miniature paints every month from 30+ different brands so far
Try out your new paints on the Tutorial Tiles by following our custom Painting Guide!
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Celebrating Our Amazing Subscribers

asset drop discovery box hataka

Hataka Hobby blue Trio from Dec's Box - Ryan.

asset drop discovery box MR.PAINT

MR.PAINT zombie flesh from Feb's Box - Anjuli

asset drop discovery box oct

Various paints from our Discovery boxes - Shane

asset drop discovery box

Various paints from our Discovery boxes - Andy

asset drop discovery box scalecolor

ScaleColor yellow trio from Jan's Box - Johan

asset drop discovery box turbo dork

Turbo Dork colourshifts from Oct's Box - Miljan

Key Info About Your Subscription

Add the Discovery Box to your cart and checkout to become a subscriber.
Your box will ship within 3 working days! You'll get the latest monthly edition.
Your subscription will renew on the 1st of the month. Your box will ship from the 2nd of the month.
You can cancel your subscription, or skip your next drop, at any time.

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Some Brands We’ve Featured

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