An Interview With Greg, Founder of Turbo Dork

An Interview With Greg, Founder of Turbo Dork Paints

Turbo Dork paints featured in October's Discovery Drop after their debut launch the month before. We were beyond excited to feature this innovative American paint manufacturer and just had to know more about the Turbo Dork story. We were lucky enough to interview the founder Greg, and publish it in October's Painting Guide.
We're now sharing that with you on our blog 🙂 Enjoy!


Andy: Greg, can you tell us a bit about your background and the inspiration for starting TurboDork?

Greg: I studied and have been a photographer by trade for the last fifteen years. My entire life has been dedicated to light, shadow, color, and how they all interact to bring a scene together. I also grew up as a wargammer with both my parents painting and playing miniatures games. Turbo Dork was created out of the intersection of all that, when one day I wanted a metallic purple for an Emperor’s Children army. I realized I couldn’t find what I was looking for on the market already, and that started me down the rabbit hole of formulating my own paint, bam... Here we are with 16 paints out in the world.

Meredith has been at my side since day one, slaving away in the paint mines that our downtown loft has turned into. She has yayed or nayed our colors and names as we developed them, and really helped to hone in on what became our Volume One release. She is now developing her own line of colors for our Volume Two release.

Andy: I have to be honest, I absolutely love the name of your company! 😀 How did you come up with it?

Greg: Turbo Dork is a name I have been sitting on for awhile that just hadn’t found a home yet. I used to register random domain names of things as I thought of them. Stuff like or, just random stuff that came to me. I knew Turbo Dork was super dumb, but also special in some way and I held onto it for years until the right project came along.

Andy: I’m fascinated in colourshifts, can you tell us some of the science behind making your paints? Can only certain colours shift with each other, or can any colours shift?

Greg: Colorshift paint is basically like millions of tiny little prisms all reflecting and refracting light at the same time. Depending on how that prismatic flake is constructed it can create different colors when viewed from different angles. Not every color can be shifted into another, as the combinations depend on each colors relationship to the other in terms of where they fall in our visual spectrum.


Andy: Your range of colourshifts is fantastic! I’m curious, how did you choose the specific combinations? And how can we get the best results?

Greg: Each of our colors shifts is the result of hundreds of hours testing combinations until we found colors with “purpose.” We wanted colors that had a reason to exist, and an idea behind them. Most importantly, we wanted colors that inspire creativity in our customers. We want paints that give you ideas you never knew you had.
The best results are gleaned from using a black gloss undercoat and then layering on the colorshifts slowly by building up multiple thin coats. You can seal over the colorshifts with a matte or gloss varnish, but the key is to make the colorshift coats themselves as smooth as possible first. A smooth surface will give a smooth and pleasing transition to the colorshift effect.

Andy: Finally, what are you and Meredith planning for TurboDork? Will you be making other paint lines in the future?

Greg: Meredith is actually finalizing our next line as we speak and we hope to release it in time for the holidays! After that, we plan on releasing a few accessories that you might have seen on our Instagram page.

asset drop october discovery box turbo dork colourshift paints

Turbo Dork paints featuring in October's Discovery Box. We chose to showcase the beautiful Blue Raspberry, Afterburner and Dark Net colourshifts!

turbo dork blue raspberry afterburner dark net

Turbo Dork paints tested out on a variety of miniatures to check out their beautiful colourshift properties. Which one is your favourite?