Get An Asset Drop Subscriber Discount And Start Saving

Get An Asset Drop Subscriber Discount And Start Saving

Hey everyone, this is just a quick article to explain our subscriber discount. Once you become an Asset Drop subscriber, you'll qualify for a discount in our online store. Woo! There are two tiers to this discount depending on how many subscription boxes you sign up for.

Subscriber Discount 101

Once you sign up for an Asset Drop subscription, your customer account will be tagged with a permanent discount. That means whenever you log into your account and look at our store, you will see products discounted exclusively for you. You do not need to enter a Coupon Code at checkout - all the products are automatically on sale for you.

I can't see my subscriber discount?

The discount system can take up to 48 hours to apply to your account; however, if you would like to buy something right away, just email Gemma on [email protected] and we'll manually add the tag to your account.

Before emailing, please make sure you've logged into your Customer Account first. You won't see the 15 - 21% discount if you haven't logged in πŸ˜‰ You'll know you're seeing the right page because it will look like this:

What discount will I qualify for?

Our discount system is very simple:

  • If you subscribe to one box, you will get a 15% discount in store
  • If you subscribe to more than one box, you will get a 21% discount in store

If you add a box later on, and your discount doesn't automatically update from 15% to 21%, just email us and we'll sort it out for you. As you can tell, our discount system can occasionally be a bit of a menace!

I've unsubscribed, what happens to my discount?

Even if you can no longer receive a box every month, your subscriber discount will remain as a thank you for supporting us while you did πŸ™‚ So, if you see a box one month that you loved the look of and don't want to miss out on, jump on our store and buy it as a one-off past box using your subscriber discount!

The Asset Drop Store

Our store first started as a way for people who were just discovering us to catch up on past boxes. We didn't want them to be like Kickstarter Exclusives! We hate that feeling of missing out just because we didn't know about something. So as a new subscriber, you can look at all the unboxing articles for each of our themed boxes and pick and choose the ones you'd like to own at a discount.

The boxes will stay on our store for 4-6 months, so if you like the look of a box, don't wait to buy it. Space is always at a premium and we can't hold stock for our boxes forever, so they have to leave the store eventually. For example, both the October and November Discovery Boxes are no longer available, but we'll always keep them around for as long as we can.

Our Dream For The Asset Drop Store

The store is great for new subscribers, but what about our older subscribers? What about people who own every box already? It's always on our mind to make sure that our loyalist subscribers have something to use their subscriber discount on, and something to spend their reward creditsΒ on.

So we have big plans for the store! We're a small team, and time is always our enemy it seams, but over the last half of this year (2018) we'd like to design a range of one-off boxes for the store.

These boxes will be along the same lines as our monthly boxes: high quality, great value, cohesive & well thought out, varied in their contents, and containing tutorials. The only difference is that they'll be a one-off box (not a subscription), which makes them perfect as a gift or as an occasional treat.

You'll also know exactly what's inside the box before you buy it, unlike our subscriptions which are mystery boxes (with clues revealed each month). We launched a trial of this one-off box concept in June with the Death Bringer Box - a 54mm version of the Heroines box. Check out the image below! There were a limited number of units available and they sold out fast. After this great launch, we're working on a range of other one-off boxes for all our subscribers to get their teeth into. So, watch this space! And if you have any suggestions for a box, please let us know πŸ™‚


The Heroines 54: Death Bringer Box - our first one-off box launched in June 2018.