Get An Asset Drop Subscriber Discount And Start Saving

Exclusive Asset Drop Subscriber Discounts

Once you sign up for an Asset Drop subscription, you'll have access to exclusive discount codes! There will be coupon codes for some of the manufacturers we feature in our boxes each month, as well as a 10% discount code for the Asset Drop store.

How can I find my discount codes?

Head over to our store and log into your account by clicking the person icon on the top right hand corner.

Once you're in your account, you'll see a screen that looks like this. This is your Customer Account with our store, where you'll see all your past orders. In order to access your Subscription Account, just click the orange Manage Subscriptions button at the top of the page.


After clicking Manage Subscriptions, you'll end up in your Subscription Account. This is where you can cancel your subscription or skip the next box, change your address, update your card details, and check when your next renewal is.

You'll also see our Shipping Schedule for the month, telling you when each box will be shipped out after renewals on the 1st of the month. Below that is a News area, where we'll tell you about any key changes. Then you'll see the Rewards section! This table of coupon codes will be constantly updated and will feature a 10% discount code for the Asset Drop Store, plus other codes from brands we've recently featured.

Finally, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see a Subscriber Feedback section. Here you can click on the box you subscribe to and tell us what you thought of the contents. We work a month behind, so in March you can tell us what you thought of February's boxes. We will use this feedback to constantly improve and help us decide what to include in the boxes!


Can I use both my store discount and reward points coupon?

Unfortunately not, sorry! You can only use either your reward points coupon, or your 10% off store discount coupon for a single order. Why not use up your reward credits first, and then use your 10% off coupon for the next order? There will always be a 10% discount available every month, so there's no rush to use it 🙂