All About Our Reward Credits: Start Earning Today!

All About Our Reward Credits: Start Earning Today!

At Asset Drop we're very grateful to our customers, because we wouldn't be here today without the support of the community. As such, we like to reward you for shopping with us and joining our subscriptions with store credits. The ways to spend and earn your reward credits are explained in this article.

Reward Credits: The Basics

These credits are available to anyone who buys something off our store, which includes past boxes too. So you don't have to become a subscriber to build up reward points, you just need to create an account with us when you checkout (which is compulsory for subscribers as that's how you manage your subscription).

So, what do you get?

  • For every £1.00 spent, you earn 2 points (essentially, it's double points!)
  • 1 point is equal to 1 penny, so 100 points is £1.00

As an example, if you spend £20 in store (or on a subscription) then you earn 40 credits, which is a 40p discount off any store purchases.

Subscribers earn points for their subscription renewals automatically, so they build up over time. However, you cannot use your points for a discount off your subscription due to the way subscription technology works.

Reward points can be used to provide discounts off any store products e.g. past boxes, asset dropper bottles and one-off boxes.

Reward Credits: How To Spend Them

Spending your reward credits is easy! Every time you wish to use them, you can convert those points into a coupon code that gives you a discount on our store. For example, if you get to 200 credits, you can create a £2.00 discount code.

You create these codes from the Reward Credits tab that's visible all the time in the right hand corner of our store once you log in to your Customer Account.


Click on the orange Asset Drop Rewards button to reveal a pop up menu, where you can manage your credits.


In that menu, you'll see your total balance, tabs for earning and spending those credits, and a Referrals option.

Let's look at each of those sections in detail so you know exactly how to spend your credits and the different ways you can earn more. Remember, you can do this whether you're a subscriber or not, you just need to create an account with us and start earning rewards on our store!


Once you've earned your first credits, you can spend them in our store! To do this, click the Spend Your Credits button. 

You'll be taken to your Rewards tab where you can see your total balance, the My Points Activity area and in the middle, the option to Redeem Your Reward Credits. 

Click Redeem to be taken to the next page, where you can choose how much to redeem.

On the Redeem screen, you can use the bar to toggle up or down how many credits you'd like to redeem. 

Once you're happy with your chosen amount, simply click Redeem. You'll be presented with a Congratulations! screen showing your unique discount code. Copy this and paste it into the Coupon Box on the store checkout page.


If you generate your coupon code and change your mind about spending it straight away, it's no problem! Simply navigate away from the Redeem page and your coupon will be saved in your Asset Drop Rewards account. It will be saved on the homepage of this tab as the first thing you see when you open it next time. You can click the Use button, which will be displayed next to it, at any time you want and copy the code from the Congratulations screen.

Reward Credits: How To Earn Them

You can earn reward credits in many different ways so you can build up that balance over time. Here is a list of the different methods to earning points. Remember you must create an account in order to earn credits.

  • Purchasing a subscription will reward you with credits at the time. You will earn those credits again every time your subscription renews.
  • Buying any item on our store will earn you credits.
  • Liking our Facebook page and Following us on Instagram will enable you to earn 20 credits for each of those actions. You need to do that from your Asset Drop Rewards tab - see the image below.
  • Recommending a Friend to try out an Asset Drop box can earn you an amazing 150 reward credits (equal to a £1.50 discount)! Your friend will also earn a £1.50 off coupon to spend in our store. It's a win win 🙂  See the other image below for how to do that.

Like and Follow on Social Media


Following us on Instagram and Liking us on Facebook is a great way for us to keep in touch with you. As a thank you for supporting us on social media, you can earn 20 credits for each.

Just click the Earn More/ Earn Credits in your Asset Drop Rewards panel and you'll see those two options 🙂

Recommend a Friend


If you love your Asset Drop subscription, why not recommend it to a friend? That way you can both receive the box each month and paint with the contents together!

As a thank you for bringing another subscriber into the Asset Drop community, you'll both earn 150 credits/ £1.50 discount to spend in our store.

Recommend a Friend Continued: to earn these credits, head to your Asset Drop Rewards tab and scroll down on the homepage. You'll see a section headed Referrals. Simply copy your unique referral code and email it to a friend. They use that link to access our store, and once they make a purchase, you'll both earn the credits! You can then spend these on items it our store, such as our premium Asset Dropper bottles.

We hope this article has helped you to understand how our Reward Credits work. If you'd like to start earning credits today, head over to our store and create an account.