Heroines Painting Competition Winners – Maari the Reiver Witch

Painting Competition Winners - Maari the Reiver Witch

In honour of the amazing heroine in our April Box, Maari the Reiver Witch, we had a painting competition! We announced this to our Heroines box subscribers in April’s handout, explaining there would be a painting competition running from the end of April to the 7th June, which they could enter their painted Maari miniature into.

The main way of entering was via email, but we also accepted entries from social media too. We had some incredible painted miniatures sent into us over the course of the competition, and it was seriously hard to pick a winner! In fact it was so hard that we had to nominate a runner up too (which we hadn’t intended to at first).

The winner and runner up of that competition are below for you to marvel at - the skill of our subscribers regularly blows us away! If you’d like to buy April’s box to receive the beautiful Maari miniature, as well as her scenic Celtic base, basing bits and trio of Reaper MSP paints (with a tutorial on how to paint her fur cloak included for FREE), head to our store here.

Kyle Thompson - Winner

We were particularly impressed by the OSL on this entry, creating a moody and atmospheric base, as well as the use of blue tribal markings on Maari to give her a fierce warrior look. The Brown Lichen is also expertly placed and built up to create very natural looking vegetation to compliment Maari and character setting of ancient, mythical England.

Also, it’s worth noting that Maari’s face is tiny (she’s a 28mm miniature) so the fact that Kyle has managed to draw such neat tribal stripes is amazing!

Winning Prize: a set of 3 WarColours premium sable brushes. Check them out here.


Runner Up - Jeremy Brown

With this entry, we were blown away by the glowing green Celtic base. The lines of the base are incredibly neat and the colour choices really make this base pop, giving it a strong magical feeling befitting this Reiver Witch.

Jeremy also did a fantastic job on the fur cloak, creating a very natural looking texture and following our tutorial. You can check out the other videos in his Painting Maari series by heading over to his YouTube channel.

Runner Up Prize - a Reaper miniature which you can see here.