An Interview With Creature Caster About Pro-Acryl

An Interview The Creature Caster Team About Pro-Acryl Paint

Creature Casters new premium paints - Pro-Acryl - featured in the August 2019 Discovery Box alongside this interview that subscribers found in their Painting Guide. We've now released it onto our blog for everyone to enjoy 🙂


Andy: Why did Creature Caster decide to produce their own paint line?

Creature Caster: The line started with our white paint and was intended as a single color solution to the lack of good quality white available. People loved our white so much that they started asking about other colors with the same quality. We took a deeper look into what we could do to make better paint in a larger assortment of colors, and the line was born!

Andy: Can you tell me a little about your new Pro-Acryl Paint line?

Creature Caster: The goal behind diving in and making an entire line was to focus on creating paints that allowed painters to spend more time on the model and less time messing around on the palette. No matter what skill level the painter is at, Pro Acryl will perform amazingly. We wanted a paint that could be brushed or airbrushed right out of the bottle, achieve great opacity and vibrancy, and also hold up under intense thinning for various levels of filtering without the normal hassles that most acrylics are faced with. We’ve achieved all that with a medium that feels very liquid without being thin, super dense pigmentation, and great coverage regardless of thinning or application.

Andy: How did you choose the colours to include?

Creature Caster: The first colors are what we consider to be general use. Things like base blue, green, red, yellow, orange, brown, etc. Just great starting point colors that can be mixed to get the perfect shade, tone, or tint. Once we got past the first 40 or so colors, we could start looking at variations and “specialty” colors that fit more specific tasks. It’s also fun, because we get to sneak in our favorites along the way!

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Andy: How do you want miniature painters to use them?

Creature Caster: Any way they like! As I said above, the paints were made with a focus on being able to do whatever you want them to do. Sounds like wishful thinking, but we have just the right amount of magic to make it come true. We use them exclusively on our live stream and are constantly responding to viewer requests to try new things with the paints. We have yet to find a situation where they don’t meet expectations.

Andy: Can you tell me a little about Creature Casters start up story?

Creature Caster: The current company is made up of the Creature Caster team in Canada that started the model making side of the business, and the team from SlowfuseGaming in the US that started the hobby supply side. We joined forces in 2018 to create a start-to-finish product offering for miniature hobbyists. Creature Caster itself started with a dream to produce the best quality resin models for gaming, and has grown from the original Kickstarter to a place where we’ll start producing a model a month by the end of 2019 along with all the new hobby supplies. We’re still a very small company of focused and dedicated hobbyists, which allows us to design things that we are excited about and use everyday ourselves.

Andy: How do you take a miniature from idea to completion?

Creature Caster: It all starts with the concepts. We will talk about the look for a certain model or faction and then grow that into concept art. Once the visuals start to take shape, we’ll move to sculpting and finalize all the details there to make sure that everything can be produced. Then it’s the creation of masters and getting the molds designed for production. Sounds easy when you type it in a few sentences like that, but it usually takes months to get it all going!

Andy: What is your favourite thing about working in the miniature painting hobby?

Creature Caster: Painting and playing with miniatures in a community that loves painting and playing with miniatures! We’re all hobbyists and gamers ourselves, so being able to come up with ideas for products that you know you will actually put to use is great. Dealing with the community on a level where you’re all looking for the same solutions to your interactions in the hobby makes it even better. Makes it easy to get up in the morning and go to work!

Andy: What is in Creature Casters future?

Creature Caster: More exciting products and interactions with the community for sure. We’re stepping up our production and fine-tuning everything so that we can put out a new model every month. That’s a huge jump for us and along with the schedule for adding new colors to the paint line and other hobby supplies, means that we have a very full plate for the foreseeable future. Our Creature Creator program is also growing and allowing us to assist content creators around the world to get more hobby information and tutorials out to more and more people.

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Creature Caster Paints featured in August's Discovery Box 2019

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