Welcome To The Asset Drop Blog

Welcome To Our New Blog!

Here at Asset Drop HQ we've decided to add a blog to our website, so we can more easily keep you up to date with the latest products, competitions, giveaways, developments and more. We're going to update the blog whenever we have news, which could be several times a week, so make sure to check back here regularly 🙂

We'd also like to use the blog to communicate with you guys more directly about where you want Asset Drop to go in the future, and what improvements you'd like to see. That means we'll post up surveys and 'concept' articles to get your thoughts on, which you'll be able to easily add to the 'Comments' section on each post.

Also, in order to get to know us better, you're also welcome to ask any questions you're curious about, and we'll answer some of them in a short Q & A article on this blog 🙂 Email your questions to [email protected] at any time!

We hope you find this blog a useful place, whether you're a subscriber, thinking about subscribing, or just want to follow our story from time to time. If you're curious about the guy that started all this, head to our Founder Interview article next, which first appeared on the SDFnet40k Blog.

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